Why You Should Be Eating Your Fruits Instead Of Drinking Them

Written by Nazneen JoshiJun 30, 2014
The benefit of a ripe and crisp apple or a juicy orange is no breaking news, is it? Fruits are great for every part of you: skin, hair, body and soul, but sometimes cleaning, peeling and munching becomes a bit of a task, which is why we opt for the easier option—crushing them in the juicer for a glass of refreshing goodness . So imagine our shock when we found that this simple, pulpy substitution raised some serious alarms. Now, by no means are we telling you to give up juices forever (would we ever?!)—but these two facts might slightly alter your levels of consumption.
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Researchers have found novel evidence that suggests that raw fruit decreases levels of diabetes by 23% whereas people that gulp down fresh fruit juices are at a 21% increased risk of developing diabetes. This is because fluid passes through your stomach and into your intestine far more rapidly than solids.

What is actually happening in your body when you consume fruit juices over raw, natural fruits is that juices lead to a more rapid change in terms of glucose and insulin levels in your blood than solid fruits. So, eating raw fruit not only provides your body with natural fibre, but also helps you control sugar and hunger better.

A fresh fruit juice every now and then is still infinitely healthier than a pop of soda or a cane-sugar infused beverage, but as and when you can avoid it, BB recommends you pick the raw alternative: grapes, peaches, mangoes, bananas, jamun or pineapple—the list goes on and on!

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