Yes, we all love adding that extra dose of sugar to our cuppa and coffees. So addictive is sugar that we end up having excess of it in the form of cakes, candies and sodas little realising that large amounts of it are poison for our bodies. Read on to find out how cutting down on sugar helps your body. We bet you’ll think twice before adding that extra piece of pie to your plate after reading this.
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Betters your skin

Your body breaks down carbohydrates like sugar into glucose, which raises your insulin levels. This leads to inflammation in the body. You should know that inflammation produces enzymes that break down the protein in your skin known as collagen leaving your skin looking dull and loose. Besides causing wrinkles, inflammation can also take the form of acne. Hence, when you cut down on sugar, you will slowly see an improvement in your skin.

You will sleep on time

You might not have noticed but when you get a sugar high, you start feeling extremely sluggish. Also, you must understand that sugar causes the release of the hormone cortisol, which can cause stress and interfere with your sleep cycle. Once you cut down on sugar, you will notice that you’re far more alert when you need to and have started going to bed on time.

Your will become less forgetful

Eating too much sugar can damage cognitive function and reduce proteins that are crucial for memory and responsiveness. Research suggests that a high intake of sugar can even cause changes to the brain stricture. So if you’ve become rather forgetful, you have the excess sugar intake to blame.

You will keep diabetes at bay

Excess sugar intake causes high insulin resistance. This implies that fructose, glucose and other forms of sugar can’t find their way into cells and instead, get stuck in the bloodstream. The high blood sugar can lead to diabetes. So if you’ve been craving too many donuts and cakes lately, it’s about time you said no to them for the love of your body.