You are friends for life. So why not work out together? Trying to get fitter can be a lonely business, especially when you hit the gym. But having a partner keeps you motivated and show results faster. Spending time with friends is great. Working out with them is even better. Presenting, workout regimes and fitness moves that promise to get better with the addition of your #bff...

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Friendly Workouts

Ever wondered why our 30-day plank and squat challenges never last beyond five days? Working out solo can add to the boredom of difficult training. Having a friend is entertaining, and in turn keeps you motivated. Face each other as you exercise. Hold one hand while doing planks, while squatting grip both hands firmly or lean on each other’s backs. Even a regular leg press or routine lunges are enriched with the help of a friend.

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Yoga for Two

A great deal of partner-yoga really involves adapting the solo poses to work for two people. However, forms like Acro-yoga, based on a mix of yoga and acrobatics, actively encourage a partner for best results. Take turns to support each other during the exercises and ensure that the poses are executed properly. Even a simple Shavasana can get a friendly boost if you hold each other’s hands gently as you lie still.

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Partner Pilates

Powered by intense stretching and core strengthening exercises, Pilates does wonders for your body and posture. It can also be very strenuous, and that’s why we recommend keeping up the tempo with a friend. Traditionally solo, Pilates’ moves like the swan, corkscrew, roll-ups, and standing push-ups can benefit from having a partner. Think of your buddy as a live replacement for equipment. If your regular Pilates classes don’t offer partner workout ideas, turn on the web for some inspiration.