5 Effective Morning Exercises That Help In Weight Loss

Written by Team BBSep 16, 2023
5 Effective Morning Exercises That Help In Weight Loss
Working out in the morning is certainly one of the best ways to lose weight. Workouts, even traditionally, have been meant for early mornings. It purifies your body and helps you stay positive and full of energy throughout the day. It helps in eliminating all those toxins from your body that have gathered over the night and before. Also, you can burn a higher amount of fat if you exercise in the morning. Exercises in the morning increase your core temperature and keep it so for the entire day, meaning that you not only burn fat while working out but also throughout the day.

Your morning routine can start with swimming, dancing, skipping, jogging, walking or just about any form of exercise. What matters is being fit and active. But if you want to lose weight, it helps being a little more concerned about which exercises burn your calories more and how.

Listed below are some of the exercises that you can do in the morning to lose weight.

1. Go for a walk

5.	Pranayama

Even if you run on the treadmill regularly, try to take a walk outside as well; for the fresh and healthy air. Morning air is relatively freer from pollution and provides the requisite goodness to the lungs, heart and mind. It also helps you connect more to Mother Nature. What are you waiting for then? Wear those shoes and go out for a walk now!


2. Training

5.	Pranayama

Circuit training can help in building the leg muscles, while the running affects your calf muscles and the shin region. This works well for your thighs as well. You can vary the speed from normal to Bolt. Doing this helps in building up the endurance.


3. Cycling

5.	Pranayama

If you are a fan of bikes, then you will love doing this exercise. Cycling in the morning, looking around at nature and the surroundings, can prove to be beneficial in many ways. It helps burns calories and also provides really effective endurance training to your leg muscles. We would suggest that you go cycling early in the morning, as it also helps to avoid heavy traffic, apart from all the other benefits.


4. Suryanamaskar

5.	Pranayama

Suryanamaskar (or the Sun Salutation as it is also called), as the name suggests, is best performed in the morning, preferably during sunrise. It should ideally be done on an empty stomach, though you can always have a glass of water, lime juice or even coffee before doing it as well. But make sure that you keep an interval of at least half-hour between the drinking and the exercise. Performing about 15 rounds of the Suryanamaskar for 30 minutes can help you lose around 278-280 calories. This is much more than what you can burn by during a 1-hour session of cardio. Not only does it help you lose weight but also takes care of the overall health of your body. Do not try to overburden yourself right from the very beginning though. Start with around 6 to 8 sets and keep increasing the number, pushing yourself as soon as you start to get too comfortable.


5. Pranayama

5.	Pranayama

Pranayama has the power to keep you fit and to make you feel younger. Practice this on an empty stomach for the best results. You can even perform some of its variations, such as the Kapalbhati Pranayama. The Kapalbhati Pranayama is like a panacea that is also the simplest of exercises. If you are a beginner, do this for about 3 minutes and then slowly keep increasing the time, progressing up to 10 minutes. You can even perform the Nadi Pranayama. The Nadi Pranayama consists of anulom-vilom, which helps improve the breathing process. Breathing techniques are important for any kind of exercise, especially when you’re doing cardio or yoga. This will also help you lose weight and to tone your body better.

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