If you are expecting to lose all of your belly fat just by starving or by maintaining a diet, you are not being entirely just to your body. Rather than just eating less, what you need in order to achieve a slimmer waist is to exercise along with maintaining a proper diet. This is a much more practical and logical solution than skipping meals every day, which also reduces your energy and metabolism levels. So eat as much as your body needs and just do 3 sets of these five different exercises in order to reduce that extra belly fat and to get the waistline that you have always dreamt of.


1. Crunches


As doing crunches specifically targets the belly region, it is one of the best exercises for reducing belly fat.  Lie down on your back and lift your knees up, making the shape of a mountain with your feet placed firmly on the ground. Then, lift your upper body to make a right angle with the floor, your hands held behind your head. Do this for a minimum of 25 times in one set.


2. Side Crunches

Side Crunches

Side crunches are very similar to the normal one. The only difference is that you turn your body alternatively to the right and to the left every time you lift yourself up to make a right angle with the floor. The key to doing crunches effectively is to not lift your feet off the ground and to always keep your hands behind your head. Do this for about 24-26 times in one set.


3. Planks


The plank is a back exercise that puts pressure onto your abdomen region, eventually losing belly fat. Lie down on the floor with your chest facing the ground and use your hands and feet as planks to prop your body up, trying to hold your entire body straight and stiff all the while.  Maintain this position for at least about two minutes so as to get more effective results. You can start doing multiple sets as and when your body gets used to this exercise.


4. Bicycle


Wondering if you’ll have to buy a bicycle for this one? Well, no. The bicycle exercise does not practically involve riding a cycle. Lie down on your back, lift your legs up in mid-air and imitate riding a bicycle by moving your legs in a circular motion. You can start by doing this for about two minutes and then, increase the timing gradually as you start getting more comfortable.


5. Lunges


It is a myth that doing lunges increases your thigh mass. In reality, lunges help lose belly fat​ and tone your thighs. Stand with one leg ahead of the other and then move your other leg in front with your knee bent and the foot placed flat on the ground. Repeat this cycle for about 3 minutes continuously. You can also do this exercise carrying some weight in your hands.