Pregnancy means a lot of lifestyle changes. You have to eat the right food for the baby, adjust to a changing body and prepare your home and life for motherhood but most of all you have to care for yourself.

During these nine months you can follow an exercise routine to stay fit and strong. After all exercising regularly can only be good for you and your child. Before you start with this routine, you should take out few minutes to properly warm-up and once you are done with it always make your body cool down and stretch.

Here are a few exercises that you can perform during your pregnancy.


1. Lateral leg raises

1.	Lateral leg raises

This can be done during any stage of your pregnancy and you don’t even have to stand up. Lie on your right side, support your head with your forearm and place a pillow under your hip if you want. Bend your right leg at 45-degree angle and keep your left leg straight. Lift your left leg up to about hip height and lower the leg. Repeat the set as many times as you can and then switch to the opposite side.


2. Swimming

2.	Swimming

This is one of the best exercises that you can do during your pregnancy as there is no chance of falling or causing injury to the baby. When you are swimming there is no pressure on your joins hence making it easy and comfortable for you. Aim to find a stroke that feels comfortable and doesn’t put a strain on your neck, shoulders or back muscles. The breaststroke is good because you won’t be rotating your torso and get a great workout without rotating your torso and get a great workout without any constant movement of your arms and legs.


3. Lateral shoulder raises

3.	Lateral shoulder raises

This exercise sculpts your shoulders, arms and back. To start this move, you’ll need three-to-five weights and either a chair or stability ball. Sitting on the chair or ball, put a weight in each hand and hold your weights to either side of body with your palms upwards. Lift your arms to shoulder-height, keeping them extended during the exercises and then lower them down. Keep your feet flat on your feet ground with your abdominals engaged to protect your back.


4. Stationary biking

4.	Stationary biking

If you like to bike then yes you can go for it, but instead of biking on a normal bike try out the stationary bike. This will ensure that you don’t get hurt by imbalance. Stationary bike is low-impact and will get your heart rate up that makes it a perfect cardio exercise. Be sure to adjust the handlebars and bike seats so that you don’t strain your back. Make sure you bike at your own pace.


5. Yoga

5.	Yoga

Yoga keeps your body limber throughout your pregnancy, but your mind will thank you for it. Yoga has a calming effect over the body that can help de-stress you. This helps you maintain your flexibility through circulation and can help you manage your blood pressure. Make sure you avoid positions that challenge your balance or require you to invert. You don’t want to risk injury to yourself or your child.