5 Midnight Snacks That Are Actually Good For You

Written by Team BBAug 03, 2018
5 Midnight snacks that are actually good for you
You stayed up binge-watching your favourite TV series again. Midway through the last episode, you feel the start of those hunger pangs and head into your kitchen reaching out for those chips. But, wait! Why not make a healthier choice instead? Junk food will only pile on those pounds and wreak havoc on your skin and hair. While midnight snacking isn’t always avoidable, you can at least make it work for you by swapping the fried foods for something healthier.



Fruits will take care of any hunger pangs or sweet cravings that you might feel. Berries that are high on antioxidants are always a good idea. Or, go for a banana which makes for a filling snack. If you’re still hungry, add a cracker to this snack. Go for a whole grain version which is a good alternative to other fried and salty foods.




If you’re craving something savoury, the humble khakhra will come to your rescue. Light and crunchy, it’ll effectively satiate those hunger pangs. Opt for something that is wholegrain and stay away from anything that is loaded with spices as it will affect your digestion. This light snack will not be too heavy on your stomach and still fill you up.




No, we aren’t kidding. And yes, popcorn is the perfect option for you if you crave savoury foods. It’s even better if you roast the popcorn at home and skip the butter. To make it more interesting, add your favourite seasonings. A rich source of fibre, popcorn is the ideal, nutritious snack which will also fill you up.




There’s no going wrong with yoghurt. It’s a great source of calcium and protein and also easy to digest. Make it either savoury with salt and herbs or add a punch of sweetness with a bit of jaggery. Skip the packaged varieties of yoghurt as they’re loaded with sugar and preservatives.


Cottage cheese


You might be surprised but cottage cheese works amazingly well as a late night snack as its high on protein and calcium. Add a pinch of pink salt and your favourite seasonings to make it as tasty as it is healthy! For a more filling snack, combine this together with crackers.




Who doesn’t love hummus? Again, this is something that is high on proteins. Combine this with either crackers or carrot and cucumber sticks. It’s a delightful combination that’s tasty and healthy, so snack on without any guilt!

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