No matter whether you’re feeling ill or not, every doctor suggests that you include fruits in your diet. Fruits are an essential part of a person’s diet since they are an excellent source of minerals, vitamins and essential salts. While most people prefer consuming fruits when they are fresh, there are also many fruits which are best consumed when dried or even frozen. Let us take a look at whether dried fruits are healthier than fresh fruits or not.

Minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals are essential for the proper functioning of your body, all of which can be obtained by consuming dried fruits. But dried fruits, by themselves, may not necessarily be sufficient enough to provide the required amount of energy for your body.

You can always add some dried fruits to a bowl of oats or yogurt so as to make your breakfast healthier or you can even include them in salads in order to add a bit of that sweet and tangy flavour. Dried fruits are something that you can snack on anytime. But if you wish to get maximum benefits out of them, the best time to have them is early in the morning.

Here are some points of discussion on whether dried fruits are relatively better for your health or fresh fruits.


1. Vitamins

1.	Vitamins

Fresh fruits are extremely important for your body as they help in keeping dehydration at bay. They also contain essential vitamins such as B, C and A. Dried fruits do not contain much water and can sometimes compromise with vitamin content that is generally heat-sensitive. Hence, fresh fruits are better for obtaining essential vitamins and for keeping your body hydrated.


2. Nutrients

2.	Nutrients

Fresh fruits are full of nutrients and have a relatively lesser amount of calories. When the fresh fruits are converted into dried fruits, the water content in them gets extracted, leaving the dried fruits with only calories. It is recommended that you consume fresh fruits if you are planning to lose weight since dried fruits will only cause you to pile on the calories.


3. Water loss = volume loss

3.	Water loss = volume loss

You can place fruits under the sun in order to dehydrate them naturally. But the loss of water from them only means a reduction in their physical size. So if you compare fresh fruits and dried fruits just on this basis, you will notice that dried fruits contain a higher number of calories and sugar, which is not very good for your body.


4. Sugar content

4.	Sugar content

If we consider sugar content, then dried and fresh fruits are pretty much at par. Fresh fruits contain a higher amount of water while the water content is much lower in dried fruits. Hence, if you are dieting, it is recommended that you include more of fresh fruits in your diet as you require more fibre and water so as to stay fuller for a long period of time.