Snacks To Keep On You When You’re Trying To Watch Your Weight

Written by Team BBSep 16, 2023
Snacks to keep on you when you’re trying to watch your weight
Let’s just admit it! We are all guilty of indulging in unhealthy snacking. Those chips and dips and those nachos are so yum—no one can have just one!
But ladies, let’s not be too harsh on ourselves. It is the busy and hectic lifestyle of ours that keeps us from eating right. We all crave snack at work and there are always chocolates and chips to make matters worse.
How then do we switch to healthy eating? Well, here is a solution. How about we start with baby steps towards eliminating junk food and swap junk for healthier options?! Here is how…

Dry fruits


This is the easiest and most fuss free food to have on you when you’re hungry. Not only are they packed with a whole lot of energy but also with nutrients and fibers that are good for your body. Plus, dry fruits are super convenient to carry around in a small box.


Corn chaat


Don’t we all love that lemon rubbed boiled corn a.k.a bhutta during the rainy season? Well guess what, you can continue to munch on it because it is just as healthy as it is yum!
Boil loose kernels of corn and play with the ingredients. Corn is one of the most versatile grains which pairs very well with a lot of things. You can add chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander, some red chilli powder, a pinch of salt and some lime to complete this healthy snack.


Roasted/masala/salted beans


A small bowl of dry roasted beans or chickpeas can prove to be a very healthy and filling snack. Legumes and beans like chickpeas are high on fiber and protein, and contain several key vitamins and minerals. You can easily eat a boiled variant of this snack once or twice a day without feeling guilty.


Kurmura (puffed rice)


A little bit of oil, turmeric, salt and chilli powder can turn this very humble kurmura into a delish snack. Once again, it’s very easy to carry around in your bag and even store a small container of it at work. It goes very well with hot tea. Now you know what your 4 o’clock tea time snack at work is going to be!




Nope! They’re not boring and ghee flavoured anymore. They’re light, tasty and are available in innumerable flavours such as pav bhaji, paani puri and even chaat masala. Keep these tasty snacks on you or in your work drawer and forget about slipping towards an oily unhealthy snack.

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