How dreamy would life be if I told you that chocolate could make all your problems and worries go away? It would be pretty awesome and convenient now, wouldn’t it? You see, everything comes with that little footnote of term and conditions attached to it, and this too-good-to-be-true notion is no exception.

The one type of chocolate to provide all those numerous health and skin benefits is dark chocolate (not some random sugary rubbish). Dark chocolate isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and every good outcome demands some sacrifice, even in terms of your health. You can’t just assume that every chocolate is beneficial to your health and pop any random candy into your mouth, expecting miracles to happen. That is not how things work.

Read on to know more about how chocolate that’s rich in cocoa will improve your health and skin. But do keep in mind that anything in excess, even dark chocolate, does more harm than good.

1. It’s packed with nutrients

It’s packed with nutrients

A bar of dark chocolate, especially one with considerably high amounts of cocoa, is said to be high in nutritional value since it is loaded with soluble fibres and various minerals.

This is what 100 grams of dark chocolate, having 70-80% cocoa, consists of–

  • 11 grams of fibre
  • 67 % RDI iron
  • 89% RDI copper
  • 58% RDI magnesium, etc.
This does not mean that you consume 100 grams all at once though. Moderation is the key to good health.  

2. Filled with anti - oxidants

Filled with anti - oxidants

Dark chocolate is filled with active organic compounds that function very well as antioxidants. To name a few, they are polyphenols, flavanols and catechins, amongst many others. Studies have shown that dark chocolate has more antioxidants compared to even berries.


3. Improves blood flow & Lowers blood pressure

Improves blood flow & Lowers blood pressure

The flavanols that are present in dark chocolate are known to stimulate endothelium, which is the lining of the arteries, in order to produce nitric oxide (NO).
One of the functions of NO is that it sends signals to the arteries to relax, helping to lower the resistance to blood flow and consequentially, reducing your blood pressure.
While dark chocolate does help, the results are quite mild. So you can’t really stake the health of your entire body on just a piece of chocolate.


4. Protects your skin from the sun

Protects your skin from the sun

The bioactive compounds present in dark chocolate are great for your skin. The flavanols help protect you from sun damage, hydrate your skin and improve its density. If you’re planning to go on a beach vacation, especially in the summers, stock up on a couple of bars of dark chocolate a few weeks prior.


5. Makes your skin glow

Makes your skin glow

Stress is the biggest adversary of beauty. The lesser you stress the more beautiful you stay. Dark chocolate is known to reduce your stress levels, giving your skin that wonderful glow!
So you actually do have a really good reason, although you don’t really need one, to eat some chocolate now. Yay!


6. Mood booster

Mood booster

Even keeping health and skin benefits aside, eating chocolate has numerous other advantages. Chocolate acts to improve your mood. It releases the hormone ‘endorphin’ in your body which makes you feel happy and contented. So if you’re feeling low, pop a square of dark chocolate into your mouth and see your dull day grow brighter.