The Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Yoga

Written by Sukriti RijhsinghaniSep 16, 2023
The amazing beauty benefits of yoga
We all know that yoga is a holistic discipline that has a profound effect on our mind and body. It also has many benefits for the skin. Yoga helps in the elimination of toxins and managing stress and anxiety. We often don’t realise that these are major causes for acne and breakouts.

If you practice yoga regularly, you will see tremendous changes in your body. Read on for more!

It strengthens your immune system

Glowing skin

There are many asanas that can increase the flow of blood to your face. The headstand, fish pose, child’s pose, plough pose and triangle pose are just some of the asanas that will boost circulation. Perform these asanas every day for at least 5-10 minutes and you will see a difference. These asanas help deliver oxygen and nutrients to the face and flush out toxins, giving you a glow that’s unparalleled!

Heals damaged skin cells

Asanas like pranayam are effective for de-stressing. It also increases oxygen flow in the cells that improves the body’s natural healing process. Deep breathing opens up the lungs, which increases the flow of oxygen and eventually the blood flow to the skin cells. This oxygenated blood is rich in regenerative properties. For best results, practise pranayam early in the morning so that you inhale fresh air.

It strengthens your immune system

Helps reduce body fat  

One of the by-products of yoga is weight loss. One of the best forms of exercise, a session of yoga increases your heart rate as much as a run. Regular practice not only helps you knock off that stubborn fat but also tones up the body. Practice yoga first thing in the morning to give your day a kick start.

It energises you

By improving oxygen and blood flow, yoga helps clearing blocked energy pathways in the body. It equally distributes nutrients to all cells, thus energizing the body. While you sweat it out, your body also releases toxins and impurities. So, practice those asanas everyday for healthy living.

It strengthens your immune system

It strengthens your immune system

Another benefit of yoga is an improved and strengthened immune system. This fights any kind of bacterial infections that may lead to acne and breakouts on your skin. When you have a strong immune system, it reflects on your skin and you will notice a healthy glow!

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