Why You Should Drink Lemon Water In The Morning?

Written by Team BBSep 16, 2023
In our fast-paced lives, we often forget to consume the amount of water essential to our bodies. The best way is to stick to the 8x8 rule, which means drinking 8 full glasses of water every day, each of 8oz capacity.

Drinking adequate amounts of water is essential to your overall good health, especially for your immune system, but is just as good for you skin and your hair as well.
Good habits can help you go a long way. Incorporating this habit into your daily life will definitely prove to be beneficial to you in the long run. This practice is also convenient and doesn’t break the bank; even more reason for you to make it a part of your daily routine.

Adding lemon to this mix is like the icing on the cake. While it makes the drink taste better, lemon is also an excellent citrus fruit, a powerhouse of nutritional value.
Plus, you can easily it carry on the go!

Got a long day of work ahead or thinking of hitting the gym? This drink will keep you refreshed all throughout.

And, here’s why you should drink lemon water as soon as you get up:

A great start for your weight loss regimen:

To balance your body’s pH level:

Weight loss is not a process, it is a journey. It requires a great amount of dedication and patience. So, it is best if you start off with small steps as it will help you grow your confidence and stick to your resolutions for longer.

Drinking lemon water on an empty stomach aids in the weight loss process. As studies have conclusively shown, consuming lemon water boosts your metabolism, in turn, helping you burn fat.


Glowing and youthful skin:

To balance your body’s pH level:

All of us yearn to achieve that glowing and flawless skin, and it has been one rather tough battle. While we rely on countless expensive skincare products to get results, switching things up and inculcating healthy habits are equally effective methods for getting radiant, youthful skin as well.

Lemon water helps you to hydrate and to maintain your skin’s elasticity, giving you a more youthful look. It also eliminates the toxins in your blood, making your skin supple and radiant.


Stimulates hair growth:

To balance your body’s pH level:

Instead of investing in hair supplements and serums, you could always try to naturally boost your hair growth.

Lemon water can make your hair stronger than before, by keeping the roots healthy. Lemons are known to be a natural stimulant for hair growth.


Treating Dry Scalp:

To balance your body’s pH level:

Research indicates that about 1 in 5 people suffer from dandruff, which is often caused on account of a dry scalp.

Lemon water may just be able to come to your rescue. Dandruff can even be controlled through your diet, the antioxidants in lemon making it favourable for your scalp and thereby, controlling  the dandruff.


Helps acne scars fade:

To balance your body’s pH level:

Acne is a part of the lives of most people and tends to leave behind embarrassing scars and marks.

Don’t worry though! This drink will come through for you.
Lemons have astringent properties that play a key role in the fading out of the acne scars.


To balance your body’s pH level:

To balance your body’s pH level:

Our bodies need to be kept at a pH level of 7, which is a neutral pH, for all our organs to function correctly and efficiently.

When you consume lemon water daily and throughout the day, you are actually helping your body maintain a neutral pH level.

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