With delicious fragrances, cosy and comfy dohars and a wide selection of graphic prints and floral ranges, it’s time to give your home a colour-pop, monsoon makeover. BeBEAUTIFUL partnered with Freedom Tree to give you some serious inspiration. Your home needs to be a nurturing space for your family and friends. You might be setting up your first personal space, be it a matchbox apartment of your own or your very first own room that you aren’t sharing with a sibling. And with that comes the joy of making your own décor and design choices. We encourage you to abandon those regular arrangements and freely delve into the world of ‘mix-n-match’ without any inhibitions. At Freedom Tree, they let you do just that!

monsoon home decor freedom tree patch work cushion 430x550

For couches or surfaces with a cream background, you have the luxury of being able to host an array of funky and vibrant prints that speak your style. Pictured here, is the Freedom Tree Patchwork that hosts prints and colours appliqued onto a cushion cover in flowing silhouettes. You can mix and match cushions with coordinates in linen and rugs. ₹860

monsoon home decor freedom tree oblong silk cushions 430x550

For a real acidic punch rejuvenate your living space with colour, texture and vibrancy with these Oblong Poly Silk Cushions. ₹720

monsoon home decor freedom tree kausuma aqua 430x550

Inspired from and depicting woodcut Indian flowers, Kausuma, these cushions will add a mood of calm to your rainy day. The light flowers form a more uniform pattern which exudes freeness and tranquillity. ₹380

monsoon home decor freedom tree oriental glass candle 430x500

This candle set in an oriental printed glass jar in a beautiful green colour and scented with jasmine will give your home prettiness that smells divine—two things you absolutely can’t do without this monsoon. ₹780

monsoon home decor freedom tree lighting 430x550

Lighting is a mood creator. It fills up the room with an aura of its own. Freedom Tree’s range of lamps and lighting will add a burst of sunlight to the overcast ambience that the monsoons bring with it.

monsoon home decor freedom tree dohar 430x550

Summer blankets or dohars have a multitude of uses. Besides being the epitome of comfort during the monsoons, they also add colour to your living space. Hand-made with love, these brightly coloured dohars are a keepsake. ₹2,200

monsoon home decor freedom tree folk tea set 430x550

Textured in between your printed rugs, cushions and wall-hangings make room for the Freedom Folk Tea Set. Hand-painted with a folksy spirit, the ikat brush strokes make it perfect for the urban nomad to entertain at home. ₹2,770

monsoon home decor freedom tree camp tray table 430x550

Monsoons are all about maxing the relaxing and to do that right you need your favourite television show, a piping hot cup of masala chai and some serious fried treats, be it samosas, bhajjias or besan-wali bhindi and to be able to enjoy all that you’ll need this Camp Tray Table. This space-saver can be used in more than one way. The table comprises a removable camp tray, which sits atop a foldable frame. The foldable frame and tray is set in teak wood and sports a classic look with a hint of colour on the tray to enhance the look. ₹7,200

monsoon home decor freedom tree tea pot with cup 430x550

Whether you’re feeling blue about the weather or whether the work load at this time of the year is simply insufferable, this cute and innovative lime and sea-green teapot and cup duo sure will lift your spirits. We’re feeling better just looking at it. ₹520

monsoon home decor freedom tree strip trip almirah 430x550

This tall storage with a façade that is a collage of strips of wood telling a story is the perfect addition to your home this monsoon. The almirah fits in comfortably into passageways, quirky bedrooms and pantry spaces. Taken from homesteads that have stood the test of seasons, this wood is a blend of wild neem, mango and deodhar. The narrative cascades down the slim front, while inside there is generous storage for all your monsoon essentials. ₹16,250