There is no denying that flowers can light up one’s day. Receiving a big bouquet of red or waking up to a lavender stalk with a note on your bedside are some of the smaller things in life that make up the happy moments we live for. But there’s no need to wait for the florist to ring in or festivities to beckon. With these DIY flower décor ideas, you can perk up the gloomiest corners of your home or desk. Because even on the darkest of days, your flower pot will always stand tall and find the sunlight.

diy floral arrangements flowers in jute 430x550

If you are the impatient sort and not enough time to tend to the delicate needs of natural blooms is your excuse, this one’s for you. Put together a pretty bunch of rusty artificial leaves and flowers. Use duct tape to keep them in place. Fix it in a small burlap sack or gunny bag half filled with kidney beans. Add a fancy ribbon and style it to your sensibilities. No one will ever know you escaped the brunt of taking care of your pretty buds, while you’ll still have the benefit of a sack of gorgeousness accentuating your living space.

diy floral arrangements flowers in candle 430x550

What do you do with the many candles you received for Christmas? You turn it into a pot of delight. Take a small flower pot, fill it with pebbles and layer the top with small flowers, ferns, berries and leaves. Rest your tea light in the midst of the bouquet and you are set for a candle lit date.

diy floral arrangements flowers in cake stand 430x550

You have a thing for high-tea and British cutlery, but just can’t get the scones right? Brew some mulled apple tea and invite your friends over to admire your flower decoration at the table. Use the three-tier cake stand and exploit your creativity. Arrange flowers of various colour and shapes as you match it with your new tea set. Even better, turn your humble tea party into a DIY flower arrangement soirée. A toast to good taste!

diy floral arrangements glass bowl 430x550

If the sight of pretty roses is all that appeals to you, simply get a glass bowl or a stout vase and layer your favourite roses – add enough to make you smile.