Diy Joy With The Quintessential Mason Jar

Written by Vidhi GandhiOct 08, 2015
Festive season demands some design change, that is the norm! And we’re not just talking about a wardrobe upgrade; your home-sweet-home deserves something special as well. To add a personal touch to our settings, we set our crafty minds to work and tried our hands on a mason jar DIY.

For this DIY you will need

Step 4

1 Mason Jar

Acrylic paints (3-4 colours of your choice)

Paint brushes (a thick and thin brush)

A tube of silver or golden sparkles (optional but highly recommended)

Let’s get crafty...


Step 1

Step 4

Start by painting the mason jar with a colour of your choice. Use the thick flat brush as it will help you paint faster and the finish will be smooth, even and perfect! We chose a sky blue shade to add character to our living room décor. You can start painting with any bright colour of your choice and let it dry completely before next step.


Step 2

Step 4

Take the thin brush and make tiny white dots on the jar. Clean the brush and dip it in yellow colour to create petals of flowers. Let the paint dry completely to add a touch of glam in the next step.

Step 3

This is completely optional, but really who doesn’t want some extra sparkles? After the paint dries completely, add some glitter with sparkles to make it look less mason, more princess.


Step 4

Step 4

Turn it into a flower vase or use it as a candy jar for your dining table.

It’s so simple. All you need is few paints and unveil your inner Picasso to make a statement piece and add an urbane touch to your already gorge living-space.

DIY by Vidhi Gandhi. Photographs: Vishal Kumar.

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