As you prep your closets, vanity cases and social calendar for the party season, which has already made its presence felt and is quickly going to snowball into full-swing celebratory mode, it’s time you up your home bar game as well. Whether it’s an impromptu after-party or whether you’re hosting a cocktail soirée at your pad, your bar needs to be stocked with all the necessities—and we’re not just talking about the booze. Read on to find out how you can get hold of some fabulous bar accessories without having to move an inch.

8 fun items to spruce up your home bar ice packet tongs 430x550

Nickel Plated Ice Bucket and Tongs (5,600)

Add style to your entertaining with this nickel plated Gardenia ice bucket and tongs. This accessory makes for a staple in your bar—and there’s nothing better than making a statement piece out of a staple item—and this gorgeously crafted ice-bucket from Good Earth does just that.

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8 fun items to spruce up your home bar blue stirrers 430x550

Blue Stirrers (Set of 6, 390)

Stir your favourite drinks to perfection with these eclectic and fun bright blue stirrers. If you’ve got your favourite gang over for a round of Manhattan’s—this is just the accessory you need to maintain that relaxed, at-home vibe while still adding in a cocktail-party vibe that gets you right in the mood. Plus, it’s light on the buck so you don’t need to splurge for a little added excitement. All courtesy The Home Label.

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8 fun items to spruce up your home bar party bucket 430x550

Pink Party Bucket (2,400)

This hot pink dreamboat is the perfect party bucket. It’s a stunning old-school tradition, of storing your cans and bottles in an aluminium iced-bucket to stay cool, but it comes with a modern twist—that is: a hit of fuchsia. And you know if it’s pink, we’re always on board! We love how versatile this bar accessory is too—you can have it sitting right by the futon as cocktails and giggles take over the night, or you can take it with you to the terrace so it can keep your beers chilled as you sip away or you could even take it for a weekend trip to the farm house.

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8 fun items to spruce up your home bar chopping board 430x550

Mini Rustic Chopping Board (600)

Ideal to accessorise your bar at home with, is this mini chopping board. Slice up your lemons, pearl onions or celery sticks on this little cute-heart right before you pop them in your cocktails. This little addition will add a nuance of charm to your home-bar that will truly set it apart. We’re definitely going to be adding this wooden babe to our shopping cart. And you?

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8 fun items to spruce up your home bar wine holder 430x550

Waved Wine Holder (7,499)

Invite a group of friends over to a dinner party, and they’ll always bring along a bottle of wine, which is why it helps to have a snazzy place where you can store your vino. This stainless steel wine holder from Plush Plaza is just what you need. You can store up to eight bottles of wine in this uniquely designed wine bottle holder, which will make for quite an eye-ball grabber at your local bar.

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8 fun items to spruce up your home bar ice pail 430x550

Retro Ice Pail (3,000)

This bone and resin ice pail makes for a house-party must have, that’s for sure! Perfectly complementary with the karaoke version of Mamma Mia blasting in the background—this ice-pail is all things retro and that’s why we love it! Plus the folks at The Home Label tell us that it’s light-weight, easy to clean and convenient to cart around the room. Win!

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8 fun items to spruce up your home bar belgian footed glass 430x550

Belgian Footed Glass (Set of 6, 2,800)

Evening cocktails are best enjoyed with this range of elegant Belgian glassware in a hammered look. Give traditional champagne flutes a miss in your at-home bar and opt for this stunning set that reminds us of the glasses champagne cocktails that were served back in the day. Charming, beautiful and just the kind of accessory you want to be decorating your bar with to give it that added edge.

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8 fun items to spruce up your home bar copper coaster 430x550

Copper Bottle Coaster (1,200)

There is so much to love about this stunning copper bottle coaster—perfect for a chilled bottle of sparkling wine or champagne. Whether you’re entertaining indoors or outdoors, you can carry this little stunner with you to rest your bottle of choice on.

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