Living the urban life sure has its perks—with being privy to the hottest spots emerging every fortnight to living the fast-paced life, you have little to complain about. But if you’re anything like us, being confined to an apartment the size of an itsy-bitsy matchbox can get frustrating and stressful! But why not turn this negative aspect of urban living into a creative project? BeBEAUTIFUL is on a mission to transform your humble space to one that tricks the senses and emerges bigger, better and brighter! Read our DIY tips to take away some fabulous tips that cosy up your hub.
3 ways to make your matchbox apartment 500 300

Make a statement
Go the minimalist route while still making a statement splurge. Just because your pad is veering towards the smaller side, doesn’t mean your attitude has to too—and it certainly doesn’t mean your sense of design should. Instead of cluttering your space with small functional elements in terms of furniture and furniture accessories, opt for one big statement piece. This could be an intricate, vintage piece of furniture like a side table, elaborate, flowy drapes or a strong fabric in a dramatic hue that wraps around your couch. Keep all your other décor elements minimalist so this one piece really stands out and gives the room character, making it seem larger than life. What’s great about this styling tip is that when you make your upgrade to a bigger pad, you can always take this statement piece with you—so it’s really more of an investment!  

Convertible furniture + hidden storage = space
A convertible dinner table works great when folded down for breakfast for two or and stretched out to accommodate eight during a dinner party.  Racks of shelves are also a great decorative option that not only serves utility without occupying floor space, and also makes for a great design accent. What’s more, this trend will give your apartment an edgy, chic vibe. 

Get edgy
We need our space in the bathroom; after all, it is where we spend most of our time! No wonder then that we’re huge fans of over-the-door storage. You can store anything from towels and last night’s pyjamas to your shower caddy—and it’ll definitely make your grooming routine a whole lot easier. Give your over-the-door storage unit a fun, feminine flavour by painting it a candy-pastel shade.