If you’re entertaining, more likely than not, the one place your guests are going to be privy to is your dining table. And while we’re sure you’re going to pass the test with flying colours when it comes to the fabulous treats and drinks you’ll be serving up—a little attention should always be given to presentation. While we hate to take the character out of your style, a little effort never hurt. Which is why, we’re bringing you 12 fabulous finds to give your meal-time a desi spin-off. Enjoy and bon appetite!

Jewel glasses from Good Earth

These Bidri Jewel glasses from Good Earth come in delicate patterns inspired by the ancient craft of Bidri—a metal handicraft that originated in Karnataka that is known for its striking inlay art work and is prized as a symbol of wealth. Decorate your dinner table with these jewel glasses and you’ll add the perfect touch of desi-class. ₹ 3,600 for a set of six.

Neo-Nawab collection

India Circus’s Neo-Nawab collection resurrects India’s golden dynasty and brings us an enigmatic collection replete with strong Indian motifs—perfect for accessorising your dining table with a fusion vibe. These Peacock Saga Coasters are unapologetically opulent, vibrant and regal. ₹ 649 for a set of six.


Apart from its beautiful earthy sheen, pure copper is a metal best known for keeping water cool through the day. These gorgeous set of glasses from The Home Label, are a contemporary take on an old-school steel water glass and makes for the perfect modern-desi touch to your dining table. ₹ 650 for a set of two.

Vibrant marigolds

Vibrant marigolds in unmistakable orange—it really doesn’t get more desi than this. Easy to maintain, wooden trivets are practical to place under warm dishes and easy to clean up. Pick up one of these saffron hot-plates from Freedom Tree. ₹1,200

traditional Galeecha pattern

This traditional Galeecha pattern in charcoal with metallic accents mug, available at home décor haven, Good Earth, is the perfect tea-time addition to your dining table. Accentuate your wooden dining table with jute mats and this metallic hued china mug to give your dining room a jazzy pop of desi. ₹1100

dining tray

This dining tray depicts a beautiful scene of Mumbai’s heritage buildings. Available in three sizes at India Circus, it’s made of wood and descends from their Jalebi collection. This range showcases various icons of the Indian cityscape, which lends itself perfectly to giving your dining room a contemporary yet desi makeover. ₹1068

antique nutcracker

This antique nutcracker makes for a lovely story-telling opportunity. Gadia Lohars (traditional blacksmiths) were a nomadic tribe who made sophisticated everyday implements. Unfortunately, the low cost of industrially produced items have affected their livelihood. Add this item, available at The Home Label, to your dining room and decorate in a way that pays tribute to this highly skilled tribe. ₹650

organic leaf

Aranya coasters take the form of organic leaf forms and make for a fresh embellishment to your table. These intricately hand-painted leaf silhouettes will create a relaxed mood for your eating area. Plus, they’re easy to maintain and can be placed under a hot or chilled drink. ₹540 for a set of six.

hand block printed cotton table cloth

A hand block printed cotton table cloth in ivory celebrates the rich textile heritage that India is known for. The Maladvipa Lotus Table Cloth, available at Good Earth, showcases Lotus flowers and fern fronds surrounded by a sea of misty blue. ₹4000

flower diamond bowl

Elegant, yet understated, this bowl carries with it an intricate design of flowers and leaves that resemble diamonds. With exquisite motifs, no matter what you put in it, you’ll feel like your feasting on dinner fit for royalty. Available at India Circus for ₹1355.

small elephant mug

Whether it’s a magical potion of fragrant tea and honey or refreshing cup of green tea, stimulate your body, mind and dining room with this adorable elephant trunk handled mug by DHOOP, a brand that showcases curated crafts and designs from India. Available at The Home Label for ₹350.

mohuz green table runner

Mohuz captures the beautiful intricacies of mehendi art. Adorn your dining or kitchen with this table runner to give your space a beautiful, yet subtle Indie touch, with an added bonus of brightening up the ambience with a wave of green. Shop at The Freedom Tree for ₹740.