If the monsoons are keeping you indoors, there’s no doubt you’re experimenting in the kitchen. Earlier this month we gave you some fabulous recipes for the most delicious fruit cups but if there’s one thing that keeps us going back to the kitchen, it’s because of the pretty little things we’ve decorated this room with that makes it speak our style. Do the same to your cooking space and that’ll keep you in there for longer, which means more home-cooked, fresh goodness to nourish yourselves with. There really is no downside to this decorating project so we suggest you jump on-board pronto!

accessories for kitchen the home label dainty tea cups 430x550

The Home Label: Bringing that element of pretty to our cooking space

A beautiful concept, this tea-cup planter by DHOOP is a delightful accessory for your kitchen. All you need to do is place it on a flat surface and grow your favourite herbs within. You can also use these herbs while you cook, to give this accessory an element of functionality.

Dainty Tea Cup Planter by DHOOP; ₹850

accessories for kitchen serving tongs 430x550

Crafted out of brass, these serving tongs are sure to become a household favourite. The ingenious handles lock objects and edibles in place for take-along convenience and storage. Plus, they make for a beautiful kitchen necessity.

Serving Tongs; ₹850

accessories for kitchen  sugar canister 430x550

Storage and style combine with this darling sugar tin, to store granules in. With a vintage appeal, this canister has a warm, pastel colour with its unique purpose embossed on it. As lovely as a cherished piece of art, this petite canister will make a beautiful addition to your kitchen.

Sugar Canister; ₹750

accessories for kitchen hanging glass jar 430x550

Glass jars are so versatile—you can fill them up with some fairy lights to make it look like you have a jar full of fireflies in the evenings or you could put together a lovely bunch of vibrant flowers to give your kitchenette that pop of fresh colour and fragrance.

Hanging Glass Jar; ₹475

accessories for kitchen tall bottle with corrk stopper 430x550

Ideal to store liquids in, this tall, glass bottle with a cork stopper is a kitchen essential. In a unique shape that is a nod to urban elegance and old-world charm, use this decanter to pour water or wine.

Tall Bottle with Cork Stopper; ₹960

accessories for kitchen cake stand 430x550

Perfect to display on your kitchen counter and lay tasty treats upon, The Home Label’s mint-coloured, two-tiered cake stand certainly is a pretty buy. Use it to store and serve mini pies and quiches, or even as a housewarming gift for your favourite couple. Be sure to clean its surface with a damp cloth to avoid the lacquer chipping.

Two-Tiered Cake Stand; ₹2,100

To shop for Home Label items log on to www.thehomelabel.com

accessories for kitchen salt pepper shaker 430x550

Contemporary Arts and Crafts: To bring that element of kitsch to your kitchen

This must have, salt and pepper shaker has been a classic with Contemporary Arts and Crafts for over 30 years. It makes for an ideal element for that consummate chef in your family or even for the budding chef in you.

Barbeque Salt and Pepper Shaker; ₹780

accessories for kitchen napkin rings 430x550

This unique napkin ring is made of beautifully handcrafted mogra flowers and comes with a painted animal charm making for a delightful way to complete your kitchen table setting.

Mogra Napkin Rings; ₹750

accessories for kitchen table mats 430x550

Lay your kitchen top with these broad stripe table mats in shades of aqua and coral to give your kitchen some personality.

Candy Cane Striped Table Mats; ₹855

accessories for kitchen kashmiri bowls 430x550

These functional and stylish set of Kashmiri hand-painted bowls are inspired by the arches of Diwan E Khaas. Combining design elements of classic Mughal shapes with contemporary colours, they’re set to give your kitchen the light of bright that it’s missing. Available in shades of mango, sage green and rose pink, it is useful for everything from soups to nuts.

Minaret Kashmiri Bowls; ₹710

Shop for Contempory Arts and Crafts items at www.cac.co.in

accessories for kitchen table runner 430x550

Invite India Circus into your kitchen

These beautiful birds are a sign of luck, love, happiness and wealth. Having them in your home will definitely be a sign of good things to come and having a little bit of good omen in your cooking space could only result in happiness.

Legend of the Cranes Table Runner; ₹1,299

accessories for kitchen tumbler 430x550

This elegant embossed tumbler hanging in your glassware cabinet will bring a charm unparalleled to your kitchen set-up. The set of two is available in an emerald colour embossed with an intricate design.

Emerald Embossed Tumbler (Set of 2); ₹599

accessories for kitchen tea cups 430x550

Make tea time a sophisticated affair and give your kitchen an understated yet elegant twist. With its intricate design of flowers and leaves that resemble diamonds, this certainly is an exquisite piece to serve your morning chai in.

Flower Diamonds Tea Cup (Set of 2) ; ₹1,999

Shop for India Circus items at www.indiacircus.com

accessories for kitchen tea glasses bamboo holder 430x550

Quirk up your kitchen with Pepper Fry

Bring in the quaint charm of the countryside to the repertoire of your kitchen with these ethnic tea glasses that come with a bamboo stand. The soothing green colour on the holder with six transparent glasses makes it stand out and will add a touch of ethnicity to your kitchen.

Tea Glasses with Bamboo Holder; ₹1,492

Shop for Pepper Fry items at www.pepperfry.com