Christmas is coming! For many of us, this means getting home a Christmas tree. One of the most exciting parts about this festival; doing up an X’mas tree has its own joys. Thinking of getting one this year but don’t know how to decorate a Christmas tree? Read on to find out.
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Select the tree

You can either choose an artificial tree or a real one but remember that artificial ones are much easier to decorate since you can easily bend the branches, which will make things simpler. It is important to keep in the mind the space you have in your home so accordingly, you can decide if you wish to opt for a small or big one. Once you’ve chosen the tree, place it on a stand in the selected space.

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Get on with the tree skirt and lights

Just like you want to dress up on a special occasion, your tree too needs to look as pretty as possible. Ensure that you drape a gorgeous fabric around the base of the tree to hide the stand. Next, go for the lights. If you’ve chosen fairy lights, wrap the lights around the tree starting from the top and go all the way to the bottom.

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Go for the garlands

You can choose ribbons or even sparkly garlands that will add a dash of colour to your tree but make sure it doesn’t end up looking too jarring on the tree. Weave the ribbons/garlands through the branches but remember that as you go down, the amount of garlands need to increase.

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Hang the ornaments

This is the most fun part when it comes to Christmas tree decoration ideas—start by placing your best ornaments like tiny stockings, disco balls or mistletoes at prime places of the tree, which are visible as soon as you spot the tree. It is advisable to use copper wires to secure them so they don’t fall off easily.

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Christmas gifts

The final touches to your Christmas tree include scattering some wrapped gifts around the base of the tree so it looks fancy and special. And voila! You’re done creating your gorgeous X’mas tree.