The popular saying goes: “Home, the spot of the supremely blessed, a dearer abode that all the rest”, which is why it is your duty to make your home as inviting, warm and interesting as possible, so that at the end of the day you’ve got a space to reside in that is truly spectacular. Textures and prints give your home that gift. Each pattern, each nuance on a print adds a tale to the story your home is trying to tell, making it uniquely significant to you—the home owner. Start your mood board with these gentle suggestions from us and go on from there to discover the story of your home and tell the tale with exciting prints in colours that paint your personality.

geometric prints home decor 430x550

Embrace hues of russet and taupe in geometric touch prints with D’Decor’s Zen collection. Even with as sharp a print as this one, balanced out with its sombre tones, the combination will give you the perfect finish to your décor.

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ikat print home decor 430x550

This exquisite silk Central Asian Ikat table runner from Jaypore comes from Margilan, a historic city in Uzbekistan. The city and the surrounding area contain some of the oldest silk factories in the world. Traditionally, the ikat fabrics were used for ceremonial hangings and are believed to have spiritual powers. Many of the motifs and patterns are renditions of the evil eye that are believed to keep demons away. Vibrant and flowing colours mark the beauty of Central Asian ikat, which has a distinctive, almost pixel-like effect. With this piece, you’ll be adding a dash of décor glamour to your home.

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Aztec print pattern home decor 430x550

Add cushions in mesmerising prints that include Aztec patterns in a fascinating amalgamation of colour to your home and watch the stunning transformation. Shop for this print from D’Decor's Purple Passion collection.

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mint ikat cushion cover home decor 430x550

Ikat prints are showing visibility now after a long journey from the runways to the streets of every trend-conscious city in the world. In a vibrant hue, this zesty cushion cover from The Home Label will help break any monotony in your living space. Easy to weave into your existing upholstery, it complements any neutral, cream, beige or white setting.

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print pattern home decor 430x550

Traditional or unconventional, stripes have an architectural power to completely transform a place. We here at BeBEAUTIFUL are partial to stripes that are packed with lots of colour. When it comes to styling a space, an easy way to get a bold look with lots of varying shades, is to bring some pattern-like stripes to your home. The possibility of colours are literally endless when it comes to stripes, so get your shopping bags ready ladies, and prep yourselves for some serious retail damage. To add an element of drama and theatricality to your living space, opt for bold contrasting colours—much like this purple and lime green fusion, courtesy D’Decor's Atlantis collection. If you’re looking for something more subtle, opt for monochromatic pairings.

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