What makes a house a home anyway? Is it the opulent upholstery or the luxurious décor or is it the personalized thought behind it all? We believe, every house has a story to tell about those that make it a 'home'. Nailing this philosophy is Nivedita Shinde. An architect by profession and product designer by creative inclinations, she is more an artist than anything else. Featured here is her surreal home decor product range under her banner, Udaan.

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Art meets home décor meets art – this project blends art into décor products oh-so seamlessly that the collection seems more like a collected works from an artist’s den and so it is! Artist Nivedita Shinde describes her product range as, "All things I love, handcrafted, hand painted, printed."

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After three years of dabbling with various ideas, Nivedita finally launched Udaan online in 2014, "Udaan is the space where my mind gives flight to all things I love. The old, the new, the great and the mundane, printed from my minds kaleidoscope for you to carry away.” she says.

udaan artsy home décor range 430x550

Armed with her degree in architecture, amazing sense of product design and a knack for all things artistic, she started putting together her ideas and gave them wings with Udaan. She shares, “The dream is to own a small workshop of my own and spend my days crafting beautiful designs there. No mass production. I want to keep this bespoke. Each piece will be special and I am pricing it accordingly. I have one mantra. If I enjoy making it, it is going to be a good product”, she says.

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Nothing like those luxury décor brands manufacturing superficial opulence, Udaan took birth when Nivedita picked up her grandfather’s old tool box and started collecting material to work with. “I found my own classrooms- Rafiqbhai's metal workshop, Munnabhai's cane workshop, Rajeshji's pottery studio, Tajbhaiya’s tailoring workshop and the streets on Mumbai that I have scouted through many sunny days, looking for things I love”, she says.

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The product range includes lamps, coffee tables, corner tables, cushion covers and curtains. Even though there is no brick and mortar store, the products can be ordered on the official Udaan social media pages.