Yes, we know that many of us with tattoos about love and togetherness haven’t had happy endings. But then again, remember what they say—it’s crazy, stupid love! Being together means doing mushy and adorable things to express your love for another. And one way to do that is by getting a couple tattoo! Think you and your beau are romantic enough to get similar tattoos? Get inspired by these designs!

king and queen crown tattoo for cutest couple 430x430

A king and queen crown tattoo? Yes, please! Absolutely adorable, this one’s sure to make you the cutest couple in town.

always prmise on arms to fulfill the prmises made 430x550

As couples, we make promises to each other. No better way to say it than by inking yourself with an ‘always’ on your arms. So subtle, so sexy!

mickey and minnie mouse tattoos symbol of togetherness 430x430

Mickey and Minnie mouse tattoos! We’re getting them right away. The cutest symbol of togetherness, flaunt this with your partner to display your love for each other.

cities landmark tatoo as symbol of love 430x550

Long distance couples, here’s the perfect tattoo for you. Tattoo a landmark of your respective countries/cities as a symbol of love. You might belong to two separate worlds but love binds you together, doesn’t it?

anniversary date on ring finger to mark true love 430x430

Seal the date of your anniversary by getting inked on your ring finger. A mark of true love towards your partner, this tattoo will have plenty of awws coming your way!

tattoo heartbeats on wrist as a symbol of love 430x550

Your heart beats for one another, doesn’t it? Tattoo heartbeats onto your wrist as a symbol of love. Nothing’s cuter than that!

no better way to make promises with forever tatoo 600x400

As a couple, forever is our favourite word in the love dictionary. So why not ink the word on our hands? No better way to make promises than this!

perfect lovely swan tattoos on forearm 600x362

We’re drooling over the coloured swan tattoos. Get them tattooed on your forearm and you’ll be the star couple forever!