3 Low-Cost International Destinations To Add To Your Travel Itinerary

Written by Team BBMay 13, 2015
Love to travel but don’t want a vacay that’ll burn a hole in your pocket? Well, there are various affordable destinations in the world that offer you adventure, shopping, wildlife and so much more. Want to know which ones they are? We list out top three destinations for the budget traveller.

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Agreed that the rising population is a matter of concern in Vietnam but that hasn’t stopped this country from being one of the low cost vacay spots in the world. It boasts picturesque beaches and accommodation and the ethnic markets where traditionally dressed women sell traditional Vietnamese goods are also worth a visit. Moreover, the cuisine there will also be easy on your pocket, especially the street food. Foodies must try the Banh Cuon, a rice noodle roll, for barely Rs. 100!

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Sri Lanka

If you’re looking for gorgeous beaches, cloud draped mountains, waterfalls and tree plantations on a low budget, you need to pack your bags for Sri Lanka next. If you’re a wildlife lover, you must visit the Yala National Park, which is home to as many as 44 varieties of mammals! As far as the locals are concerned, they are rather warm and will make sure you have a comfortable stay with their help. Food lovers, the cuisine is known to be sweet and spicy and the fish curry will certainly blow your mind!

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From picturesque landscapes to beaches, Turkey is one of the most beautiful low cost destinations of the world. If you take keen interest in history, this is the place to be. Turkey also offers its grand bazaars and baths that are a major tourist attraction. If you visit Instanbul the blue Mosque is a must visit and the Hamam baths are oh so relaxing while Cappadocia will offer you the most gorgeous landscape with hot air balloons. No reason to not be here!

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