When it comes to finding affordable stay internationally, hostels are the best option. But if you that that hostels are just basic and boring places to stay in, there are various hostels that are unique and actually offer you breathtaking rooms and a comfortable stay. Want to know which ones they are? Take a look at our list.

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Pop Art Hostel, Serbia

If you want a homely stay with rooms of painted pop art walls, choose this unique hostel to stay at. The owners, Ena and Milan are known to be extremely warm and often chat up the guests to make them feel at home. Moreover, this hostel is also rather centrally located with almost everything including nightclubs barely a few blocks away and the central train station right across the road. How cool!

Book your stay at: www.poparthostel.com

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Gyreum Ecolodge, Ireland

If you’re going on a backpacking trip with your friends, Gyreum Ecolodge is the right accommodation for you. A hostel boasting of an eco-difference, this place provides the perfect homemade food for the travelers. A wind turbine powers the geothermal heating, while solar panels, compost toilets and an an organic vegetable garden add to the environment friendly nature of this hostel. Now that should give you a memorable trip, should it?

Book your stay at: www.gyreum.com

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Radeka Downunder, South Australia

If you want an adventurous feel to your trip, choose Radeka Downunder. The best thing about this hostel is that they have underground motel rooms built in what used to be an opal mine. They believe in the idea of ‘warm in winter, cool in summer’. Guests can either stay in budget private rooms or choose shared dorms. Totally perfect if you want something affordable and fun!

Book your stay at: http://www.radekadownunder.com.au

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Kadir’s Treehouse Hostel, Turkey

If you are a nature lover, make this tree house hostel your home on your trip to Turkey. Located in the Mediterranean coast in southern Turkey, this hostel is perfect for adventure lovers as it offers rock climbing and kayaking very close to the hostel. It has private bungalows but there are also hostel-style tree houses and dormitories where guests share the room with visitors.

Book your stay at: www.hostelworld.com