5 Instagram Couples That Give Us #Travelgoals

Written by Shreya ContractorOct 05, 2016
5 Instagram Couples That Give Us #TravelGoals
Those struck with wanderlust would agree that being bitten by the travel bug is a real thing. When you've got a glimpse of what the world has to offer, there's no turning away from it. Jack Morris showed it to us via his Instagram feed and Murad Osmann went on to personify it with his #FollowMeTo series, featuring his girlfriend-turned-wife Natalia Zakharova. The travel bug is incurable and it only gets better when you have someone to share it with.

So here's a list of couples who agree…

Jay Alvarrez (@jayalvarrez) & Alexis Ren (@alexisren)

Jourdan Bowen (@jourdanbowen) & Madeline Relph (@madelinejoyrelph)

This young and easy-going duo tops our list of envy when it comes to #relationshipgoals and #travelgoals. Always up to new shenanigans amidst the most breathtaking of backdrops, this duo has a cult following.


Chrissy Teigen (@chrissyteigen) & John Legend (@johnlegend)

Jourdan Bowen (@jourdanbowen) & Madeline Relph (@madelinejoyrelph)

One look at Chrissy's instagram and you’ll be calling your boyfriend. Going from being John's muse to wife and the mother of their sweet baby, Chrissy and John's photos narrate stories about one destination at a time.


Seok Li & Danbi Shin (@shinliart)

Jourdan Bowen (@jourdanbowen) & Madeline Relph (@madelinejoyrelph)

While not exactly a couple that travels together, this pair deservs a special mention for giving hope to all those in an LDR. They go places solo and merge their contrasting differences into a single picture as if they were there together.


Karan Singh Grover (@iamksgofficial) and Bipasha Basu (@bipashabasu)

Jourdan Bowen (@jourdanbowen) & Madeline Relph (@madelinejoyrelph)

What escalated rather quickly, from being new lovers to newlyweds, Bips & K-Grover have never taken a break from being cute. Their exotic beach getaways and carefree city wanderings gave us some serious vacation envy.


Jourdan Bowen (@jourdanbowen) & Madeline Relph (@madelinejoyrelph)

Jourdan Bowen (@jourdanbowen) & Madeline Relph (@madelinejoyrelph)

Childhood sweethearts from Australia, J and M have quite the fuss-free way of life. Their motto is to do everything cheap and enjoy life to its fullest. Definitely something we’d be on board with.

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