5 Places That Should Be On Every Adventure-Crazy Couple’s Honeymoon List

Written by Nalini AgarwalOct 01, 2018
5 places that should be on every adventure-crazy couple’s honeymoon list

Candlelit dinners, romantic walks on the beach, cozy rooms with panoramic views—all sounds like the perfect honeymoon—but a tad too cliché, truth be told! These days couples are downplaying the romance factor and instead choosing to take their honeymoon a little on the wild side. After all, there’s no denying that holding hands while paragliding or stealing a kiss underwater is any less romantic than a selfie atop the Eiffel Tower isn’t it?

Listed below are 5 honeymoon getaways for those couples seeking that ultimate adrenaline rush…


Zambia – Bungee Jumping

Gulmarg, Kashmir – Heli-skiing

Victoria Falls is the world’s highest water fall and bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge is said to be the highest jump in the world, all of 111 meters. As you fall, the largest curtain of water will provide an amazing back drop making for the best photo op! The ideal time to visit is between August and January, especially if you’re looking to take a dip into one of the many natural infinity pools after a short walk.

Tip: To get the best view of Victoria Falls take an awesome, twosome 300m Bridge Slide across the Batoga gorge.


Interlaken, Switzerland – Paragliding

Gulmarg, Kashmir – Heli-skiing

Enjoy the panoramic views of the one of the most beautiful landscapes of the world as you paraglide from Mount Pilatus or Mount Rigi. To soothe the adrenaline rush, take a horse drawn carriage ride to explore the city or a cruise on Lake Thur or Lake Brienz. To complete the adventure on land, take a ride on a 4-wheel bike (yes, you read that right!) in the parks.

Tip: Take time off to watch the chocolate show—devastatingly sinful!


Great Barrier Reef, Australia – Snorkeling

Gulmarg, Kashmir – Heli-skiing

Explore the clean blue sea and the largest and longest coral reefs with nothing but your wetsuit for protection from marine life which includes the frisky brilliantly colored fish as well as several other species.

Tip: Catch a glimpse of the larger than life Hump Back whales or listen in on talkative dolphins.


Mauritius – Kite Surfing

Gulmarg, Kashmir – Heli-skiing

Acres of turquoise sea water lagoons make Mauritius a kite surfer’s heaven. With perfect wave conditions and a large expanse of shallow water, explore Mauritius from May to November, for then the wind conditions are perfect for you to kite surf. Once you have danced on the waves challenging the water to throw you off your board, turn on the romance by diving in the beautiful coral reefs and show-off your dance moves with the Technicolor fish in full Bollywood style.

Tip: Mauritius has the makings of a perfect honeymoon—be it water sports or some chill down time.


Gulmarg, Kashmir – Heli-skiing

Gulmarg, Kashmir – Heli-skiing

For the thrill seeker, Heli-skiing in the pristine mountains of Gulmarg is the ultimate adrenaline rush. Steep terrains, varied runs and beautiful forests are all there to make the trail one to remember. Go to the Sunshine Peak, just short of 5000 meters and swoosh down to Drang at about 2500 meters. With wide and open snow fields covered with the best powder snow along with the charm of Kashmir, Gulmarg is a ski lovers paradise. Free riding, trekking, tree skiing and a cable car ride to Mount Apharwat offer a complete package for honeymooners.

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