5 Reasons Women Should Travel Solo At Least Once

Written by Chandni GhoshSep 22, 2016
Travelling can be one of the most enriching experiences but most of us pack for a holiday with either friends or family. However, only those who have mustered the courage to take off all by themselves on a vacay know the joys of solo travel. It can seem like a daunting task at first, but the learnings and joys will be with you forever. Here are some reasons that should allow you to pack your bags and take off alone…

Make friends

You return feeling fulfilled

Travelling alone helps you better your communications skills. Since you’re all by yourself, you’ll automatically find yourself making friends with the locals and exchanging ideas and stories. So if you’ve been an introvert all your life, this is exactly where you can challenge yourself. Saakshi Vyas, a graphic designer says, “I remember this one time, I was camping somewhere in Himachal and it was biting cold. At first, I was hesitant to talk to other people camping there, because everybody had their own groups but then I realized I had no fear of people judging me so I just went for it and ended up chatting with them all through the night.”


Makes you more confident

You return feeling fulfilled

When you’re a solo traveller, you feel empowered. When was the last time you had the courage to watch a movie all by yourself? Travelling solo is more than that! It will automatically boost your confidence because you’re the guide of your own journey. Neehar Mishra, a writer with an agency vouches for the same, “Travelling solo for me is quite a self-gratifying experience. It puts you in so many trying situations and dealing with them all by yourself makes you more confident and also more adaptable. Moreover, it teaches you that you don’t always need to rely on someone to have a good time.”


Know yourself

You return feeling fulfilled

When was the last time you genuinely enjoyed some ‘me’ time? Solo travels mean you spend as much time with yourself as you want. You’d be surprised how you’d end up doing things you never imagined yourself take up. It also teaches you how you can manage situations and deal with them thereby telling you so much about the person you are.


You do things your way

You return feeling fulfilled

Remember how you often end up in an argument with your co-traveller when he/she describes the things they want to do on a trip and it happens to be just the opposite of what you actually want? But then you end up going with their plan because well, that’s what friends do, right? There’s freedom from this problem when you travel alone! Nupur Shrirao, a dentist who makes it a point to travel alone every year says, “When you’re travelling alone, it means you get to see exactly the places you want to see. So if I’d please my family by clicking pictures in typical touristy spots, I’d never have to do that when I’m alone. I’d rather go see the nightlife of the city.”


You return feeling fulfilled

You return feeling fulfilled

Often the experiences travelling alone gives you turns you into a new person, for the better. You’re also more appreciative of those back home because you come back feeling happy, empowered and gratified.

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