5 Therapeutic And Unconventional Indian Getaways You Need To Visit Now

Written by Khubi Amin AhmedSep 06, 2018
5 therapeutic and unconventional Indian getaways you need to visit now
Travel is therapy – period! If you too are a traveler at heart and are always looking for unconventional, offbeat travel destinations to escape to – we totally get it.

Also, if you prefer a quaint and quiet destination over a crowded/ popular getaway, you are in luck. Read on as we put together a list of some unconventional Indian vacay destinations that will work as pure therapy for you…

Lighthouse Beach at Kovalam, Kerela

Chandoli National Park in Kolhapur

If the beach is the only therapy you need, you will be happy to discover this very pristine of a beach right in the homeland.

For the beach bums
The beach, the backwaters, the coastal village, the Ayurveda massages and the bird watching – do you need any more excuses?


Naukuchiatal in Uttarakhand

Chandoli National Park in Kolhapur

If you are someone who finds the quaint of lakes therapeutic then this is the place for you. Also referred to as the ‘Lake of nine corners’ this place is one of Uttatakhand’s best kept secrets.

Located at an altitude of 3996 ft above the sea level, wrapped in a blanket of greens and a habitat for exotic birds, Naukuchiatal is perfect for the seekers of calm.

For the lake lovers
Sailing atop of a calm lake, Paragliding, parasailing, fishing are some amongst the many touristy things you can enjoy here.


Majuli in Assam

Chandoli National Park in Kolhapur

The largest river island in the world, Majuli is located along the Brahmaputra River. So if you find solace in art/ culture therapy and if you are someone who is a peace seeker, this unconventional place in the heart of Northeast will be ideal for you.

For art, music and culture enthusiasts
A visit to Kamalabari Satra and Dakhinpat Satra is highly recommended for culture, literature, art, music lovers.


Yercaud in Tamil Nadu

Chandoli National Park in Kolhapur

Yet another of the country’s best kept secrets, Yercaud is located amidst the gorgeous Shevaroy Hills in the Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu. This picturesque hill station is laden with lush greens – orange groves, coffee and spice plantations, so if you are the kind that is into nature then here is where you need to be.

For Trekkers and Hikers
Hikers, trekkers and those that enjoy nature in its full glory will fall head over heels in love with the place, as it offers greens, waterfalls and lakes in abundance.


Chandoli National Park in Kolhapur

Chandoli National Park in Kolhapur

The national park is a world heritage site and is perfect for those that find peace in the wilderness. If you are someone who finds it therapeutic to venture into the wild, to star gaze and to go birdwatching then this place is where you need to be this summer.

For wildlife lovers
From the Bengal tigers, to the leopards, sloth bear, and Indian bison; you can expect to spot them all here. Apart from it popular wildlife, Chandoli National Park is also known for its historic landmarks like Prachitgad and Bhairavgad.

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