5 Ways To Travel Like A Backpacker

Written by Shreya ContractorSep 25, 2018
5 ways to travel like a backpacker

Gone are the days of travelling with multiple luggage bags. Yes, we may still carry them from time to time, if we’re going to visit family (probably with a lotta goodie bags). However, the transition from trolley bags to backpacks is happening (quite fast), and backpackers are now being called the new ‘cool’.

Wouldn’t blame them though, for thanks to the influence of solo travel movies such as Wild and Into The Wild and even Bollywood’s own Queen for that matter; more and more people are now looking at travel with an end goal of exploring as opposed to just vacationing. That’s progress right there!

So how do you jump on this new ‘cool’ bandwagon of backpackers? Well, scroll on to find out.


Backpacker Tip #1: Only pack what you can replace

Backpacker Tip #5: BYO-E (Bring your own everything)

This is the secret to packing light. Do not carry valuable items and let go of anything that occupies too much space/volume. Carry miniature versions of basic toiletries and dispose them once finished. This will not only help you travel light but is also a great budgeting tip.


Backpacker Tip #2: Make camps and hostels your new way of life

Backpacker Tip #5: BYO-E (Bring your own everything)

If there’s one thing that even a non traveller could tell you about the backpacking way of life, it’s basic (non-luxurious) accommodation. Of course, thanks to AirBnB and the likes of its kind, the lodging options are much cooler now, but they’re still cost-effective. So make them your new temporary!


Backpacker Tip #3: Let go of what doesn’t bring you joy anymore

Backpacker Tip #5: BYO-E (Bring your own everything)

Believe it or not, but objects do carry energies. So anything that doesn’t bring you joy anymore, be it an old book or a tattered backpack—get rid of it. You could always buy newer ones, but don’t let the negative energy weigh you down.


Backpacker Tip #4: Be smart when choosing your clothes

Backpacker Tip #5: BYO-E (Bring your own everything)

This is a given. You couldn’t be a backpacker if you carried five pairs of jeans with different shoes to match. While limiting the quantity of clothes would be ideal, opt for lighter fabrics to cut down on the weight. Carry versatile fabrics as much as possible so you don’t have to skip the need for layers. And learn to hand wash your clothes!


Backpacker Tip #5: BYO-E (Bring your own everything)

Backpacker Tip #5: BYO-E (Bring your own everything)

Be it snacks, booze or rentals, bring your own. Most local places tend to scam tourists and newbies by upping their prices and changing policies for foreigners, so it’s best to carry your own things. A good tip for saving money though, and for exploring the local way of life.

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