If you’re going to get hitched soon and have last few days of freedom left, you know you must leave no stone unturned when it comes to having a ball with your girls. You know what we’re talking about — The bachelorette party!!

It’s that time when you and your besties head out for a trip to a destination of your choice for a few days of drinks, shopping, food and strippers - because the rule book says so!(maybe?) Choosing your bachelorette party location can be a bit of a task. You need to keep a lot of things in mind and it all narrows down to two things - A. Budget and B. Is it a potentially fun place to vacation at? If you’re a bride to be having a bachelorette party or a friend of a bride to be, this list of budget friendly bachelorette party locations that are a mix of Indian and international destinations will completely sort your confusion out...

Thailand budget friendly locations for the perfect bachelorette party


Thailand had to be first on our list. Reason? It’s super cheap and perfect for partying and as of now, 1 Indian rupee equals 0.51 Thai bahts! What more do you want? It’s the perfect bachelorette party location for its many islands, serene beaches, snorkeling, shopping and food. You name it, you’ll get it. There’s more, Thailand has visa on arrival! The words that are like poetry for tourists wanting fuss free travel options. So, get ready to sip on some pina coladas and island hopping!

Bali budget friendly locations for the perfect bachelorette party


Bali, as a destination has gained popularity over the recent years and we’re not surprised why! Its pristine beaches are a tourist favourite and it’s extremely inexpensive (1 IDR equals 0.0048 INR) Its gorgeous temples, markets, stores, spas, tree houses and affordable airBnBs make Bali the ultimate bachelorette party location for you! Also, did we mention visa on arrival yet again?

Goa budget friendly locations for the perfect bachelorette party


If you’re looking at not spending outside of INR and still fancy sun, sand and everything awesome, Goa is the destination for you. Before you think it’s too cliche for your taste, let us tell you, more than half of Goa is unexplored as only the northern parts like Calangute, Baga and Candolim catch the tourist’s eyes most of the time! We recommend going down South where places like palolem and colva await you. Flights are inexpensive, alcohol is affordable and beaches are heavenly. You can also visit Arambol if you like mellow partying and lesser crowd! Our third favourite location for the ultimate bachelorette party!

Himachal Pradesh budget friendly locations for the perfect bachelorette party

Himachal Pradesh

If you prefer mountains over beaches, Himachal Pradesh is the best option for you. This place is an everlasting romance between adventure and beauty. And don’t be mistaken for it to be a family holiday destination! It’s got plenty of party destinations and even hostels, if socialising is your thing! This offbeat yet budget friendly bachelorette party location will not disappoint you and your friends, that’s a promise.

Pondicherry budget friendly locations for the perfect bachelorette party


If you don’t know already, Pondicherry is known for its spas, meditation centres, beaches and food. Not just that, it is home to Auroville, where a large French colony is settled. We love Pondicherry as it’s full of tourists and most of them host their homes on couchsurfing! That completely nullifies your stay expenses, so you only have to worry about travel and food amongst other expenses. Doesn’t it sound like the perfect destination for your bachelorette party?

Sri Lanka budget friendly locations for the perfect bachelorette party

Sri Lanka

Another super budget friendly bachelorette party location for you is Sri Lanka! If planned properly, flights to Sri Lanka can be really cheap and the visa process doesn’t take a lot of time too. Places like Galle and Colombo amongst others are rich in culture, promise breathtaking views and will really channelise the nature lover in you! Also, 1 Sri Lankan rupee equals 0.43 Indian rupees. We genuinely think that this alone can be the driving force for you to book those tickets already!

written by on Oct 11, 2017


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