8 in-flight habits that make you an annoying co-passenger

While the excitement to travel to a new destination never ceases, the long haul flight is likely to take a toll on you in one way or another. Now, we’ve got you sorted with travel pointers to keep in mind for a smooth flight, but we couldn’t be of much assistance when the co-passenger sitting next to you starts being annoying.

To avoid being one yourself, we’ve put together a list of in-flight habits to avoid for smooth sailing. Read on.
being noisy while eating

#1: Being noisy while eating

You’re probably hungry, so sure, go right ahead and buy all those extra snacks available on the airplane. But just one request please, try closing your mouth when munching on them, because those noises are hella annoying!

taking too many breaks

#2: Taking too many breaks

You could be consuming too many drinks in-flight or flights just make your squeamish in general, but you’d seriously be bothering your co-passengers by asking to be excused and taking way too many restroom breaks. Switch seats to the aisle one, perhaps?

being sick in flight

#3: Being sick in-flight

The long haul flight is already taking a toll on your co-passengers, so don’t expect much compassion if you’re constantly feeling sick. There’s only so much tolerance that one has and turbulence takes away most of it.

talking too much

#4: Talking too much

Let’s face it, no one likes a chatty Cathy. If it isn't obvious that your co-passengers would like to relax in-flight, then watch out for the polite hints they're dropping by taking out their neck pillows and plugging in their earphones.

snooping around

#5: Snooping around

Hey there snoopy, go back to looking out the window. Ain't nothin’ in here for you! No matter how tempted you may be to peep into your co-passenger's business, don't snoop. Ask politely to view it instead, and they just might let you have a look at what they’re watching or reading.

demanding too much

#6: Demanding too much

You're probably a pampered kid used to having people at your service, but this is a public airline. Please don't bother the flight attendants by buzzing them for bizarre demands and later throwing tantrums (or Facebook-ing bad reviews) if unmet.

lacking in flight ethics

#7: Lacking in-flight ethics

Walking around the aisle, hopping seats, then reclining them (too far), cutting lines, blocking restrooms, not wearing seat belts…only reading those made you twitch. Imagine having to live through them. Do all a favour and don’t be insufferable.

being rude and impudent

#8: Being rude and impudent

Yes, they're your flight attendants but you don't own them. Don't think you can get away with misbehaving and/or being rude just because they're your hosts. Show some respect, else you'll only be mocked and glared at by your co-passengers.

written by on May 24, 2017


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