It all started when model and actor Dipannita Sharma visited Rome during her modelling days and tossed a coin into the Trevi Fountain. As the legend goes, those who do this are fated to return. And it came true for her when she and her husband Dilsher Singh Atwal, recently got back from their two-week Italian sojourn. From the picture perfect lakes in Florence to the mysteriously romantic Venice and spectacular Rome, Dipannita says she absolutely fell in love with the art, architecture and old civilisation Italy had to offer. She shares with us, in an exclusive interview, some of her favourite snapshots from her stunning holiday.

dipannita florence 1 430x550

On my way to the Michelangelo Square in Florence, it was such a long walk uphill and then again down that once we got back our feet needed a saline hot water soak. It was totally worth it though!

dipannita florence 2 430x550

Finally at the square! The view from here, well see for yourself!

dipannita florence 3 430x550

This beautiful open air restaurant was right at the top and here’s me waiting for my café latte and jam croissant. My reason for choosing the table? The stunning bulwark right behind me!

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I am absolutely in love with this tiny village called Lucca tucked away in the region of Tuscany—it’s so quaint and surreal! That wall I am sitting on is actually a fort wall from the Renaissance period and the whole town is built on and around it.

dipannita florence 5 430x550

Had to take a picture against the backdrop of Michelangelo's David at the square! The elegant statue almost looks like it’s touching the sky.

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I discovered an amazing coffee preparation in Italy, Marocchino, and I can safely say that it's now in my list of top three favourite hot beverages.

dipannita lucca 1 430x550

I am still sitting on the wall in Lucca but just on the other side. Yes, that's how wide and large the wall is—people drive, walk, jog and just sit around on it. The structures at the back are homes and estates as you go down the slope from the wall.

dipannita lucca 2 450x550

Just couldn't get enough of Lucca. Just kept sitting there for hours...

dipannita milan 1 430x550

I thought Milan was all about shopping, till I saw the Duomo di Milano Cathedral. You can't help but draw in a sharp breath the first time you see it.

dipannita milan 2 430x550

I had to go back to the Cathedral and this time I saw it from all sides. Apart from its size and the intricate work on it, the icicle-like structures blow your mind away. By the way, each of those tiny domes has a figurine mounted on it.

dipannita pisa 430x550

I think my trip to Italy would have been incomplete if I hadn't paid a visit to the wonder of the world, the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Just imagine—an architectural fault that made history. Apparently the thing to do, is to take a picture trying to straighten the tower, hence I have this picture of me trying to do the same!

dipannita rome 1 430x550

Quite a few years ago, during my modelling days, I had gone to Rome for a fashion show and was told that I had to throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain if I ever wanted to come back there. I did! Many years later, I was back there, on this trip. Pure joy...

dipannita rome 2 430x550

After a long, tiring day that involved a whole lot of walking, I collapsed on the steps of this beautiful structure, which I was told by a local is dedicated to King Vittorio Emanuele II. It's in the stunning area of the Piazza Venezia and stands out because of its newness as compared to the other structures in the city.

dipannita venice 1 430x550

People say it’s very romantic, and I agree, but for me the existence of this city is intriguing. An entire city around a canal! Venice, it's like a dream. You cross a bridge, you are one place, you cross another, you are somewhere else and you absolutely don't mind losing yourself here.