Exploring 5 Of the world’s most colourful cities

Exploring new cities is always a pleasure especially when you’re in for a treat of architectural innovations superseding one another. The strategically paved streets, the contrasting little food joints in the corners, they’re all sights for the taking. So when these town planners (or locals) decide to take it up a notch and paint the entire town in a certain hue, it’s something to look at. And so we rounded up some of the best colour-coded towns and cities across the world.
blue city jodhpur rajasthan

Jodhpur, Rajasthan

History claims that the upper classes of Rajasthan painted their houses blue in order to distinguish themselves from the others. However, over the years, the segregation blurred and the practice was adopted by everyone, earning Jodhpur the title of being the ‘Blue City of India’.

yellow city of mexico izamal

Izamal, Mexico

The yellow city of Mexico, Izamal, first received its colours when Pope John Paul II visited in 1993, making the locals feel so proud of their town and history that they painted the town walls to a yolk yellow (not even the convent was spared).

red city of marrakesh morocco

Marrakesh, Morocco

Famed to the be the ‘red city’ for its rose-tinted infrastructure, the reason for Marrakech’s rosy-red tones is more practical than deep. It’s buildings and monuments are simply constructed using ‘tabia’ bricks, a mix of red mud and water, giving Marrakech the red identity that it has today.

orange tiled roofs in dubrovnik croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Not exactly a city painted in a single colour, but the vibrancy of the orange tiled roofs, especially from an aerial view, deserved a special mention. The vivid tiles are a combination of post-war ruins and brighter replacements to signify the city’s perseverance through war times.

juzcar spain city in blue colour

Júzcar, Spain

While most colour coded cities have historic reasons, Juzcar’s vibrant blue gets it’s colour from Hollywood. Sony Pictures requested to paint the town blue for the promotions of ‘The Smurfs’ movie, which attracted enough tourists to make the locals agree to the idea of the a blue town.

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written by on Sep 21, 2016


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