The nip in the air and the boyfriend on the arm suggests one thing and one thing only and that is you need to plan a holiday pronto. Did you know that couples that travel together are more likely to stay together and feel more connected? I’m not sure you need another reason to start packing and we’re here to tell you exactly where to go!

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Let’s find some beautiful place to get lost: Pondicherry

One of the most popular tourist destinations is South India; Pondicherry is an absolutely beautiful beach city located on the Southern coast of India. It packs a perfect blend of French colonial heritage with Tamil culture within pristine beaches and a cosmopolitan flair of a myriad of nationalities into one spectacular city. Everything you need for a perfect romantic getaway with your honey-booboo.

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Go the distance: Kashmir Lake

For decades, Kashmir has been the honeymoon capital of India. Anyone who visits is quick to note that this stunning locale is on par with the likes of Yash Raj’s Switzerland. Beautiful valleys, snow-capped mountains, tulip gardens and houseboats—there’s nothing quite like a ski trip to rejuvenate your romance in this stunning destination.

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Let’s run away together: Jodhpur

Giving your run-of-the-mills, snow-capped mountains and sultry beaches a run for their money, Jodhpur stands strong and drenched in heritage. Rustic villages, architecture and palaces—if you are past that honeymoon phase in your relationship and have moved on to meaningful conversations and common interests etched in art and culture but also enjoy your flair of luxury, your destination is only awaiting your arrival.

Pictured here: Jaswant Thada in Jodhpur, Rajasthan

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Your version of a Roman Holiday: Kerala

Together might be your favourite place to be, but second best comes the gorgeous Kerala coastline. The backwaters open themselves to paddy fields of fertile green landscape, thick clusters of coconut palms and a realm of tranquillity that remains unmatched. This is truly one romantic getaway that you’ll want to turn into an annual ritual.

Pictured here: Lighthouse on Coastline at Kovalam, Kerela, India

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Love, kisses and travel wishes: Shimla

Grand old buildings, charming lamp posts, snow-clad peaks and literally the image of every Bollywood diva dancing her heart out, clad in a chiffon sari, these are a few of our favourite things about picturesque Shimla. Make your trip there and cast your very own memories with your main man, full-on filmy style.