Funky accessories can instantly spice up your travel wardrobe. Not only are they helpful but they also make our travelling experience a whole lot of fun. Think you have a friend who’s all set to take off to a destination? Here are a few fun gifts you can give him.

gifting ideas for wanderlust friend world map watch 430x550

World map watch

When you’re an avid traveller, small accessories can make a big difference to your travel collection. Keeping a tab on time is crucial while travelling. So what better than a smart wrist watch with the world map on its dial to gift your friend? It’s oh so sleek and your friend is sure to thank you for such a thoughtful gift!

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gifting ideas for wanderlust friend luggage scale 430x550

Luggage scale

A globetrotter is always on the lookout for ways to travel light. After all, you don’t want to carry unnecessary things on a backpacking trip. And if you’ve planned a vacay on a restricted budget, you surely wouldn’t want to shell out for extra baggage. In this case, a luggage scale is your saviour.

Available on for 289

gifting ideas for wanderlust friend passport holder 430x550

Passport holder

While a passport is quite obviously one of the most important items for a traveller, keeping it in style can be a good bet. So buy a funky passport holder for your traveller buddy before he takes off for his getaway. Get them in quirky styles and bright colours to make things fun.

Available on for 695

gifting ideas for wanderlust friend luggage bags 430x550

Luggage tags

Want to be a cool traveller? Your bags will stand out if you attach some fun tags to them. This accessory is unique and will certainly create a statement of sorts once you step out with your suitcase.

Available on for 349

gifting ideas for wanderlust friend diary 600x400


This one will help you do so much – from jotting down important points about the trip to making a note of travel essentials during the course of the journey or even sketching while you’re in a park in London. If you’re one who likes things simple, buy one with a leather finish but if you want to carry something pretty along, opt for one in an attractive cover.

Available on for $8.50 USD