How To Keep Your Travels Simple And Fuss-Free

Written by Nazneen JoshiJun 30, 2014
There’s no other feeling as satisfying as the anticipation of a fabulous holiday with the girls. We’re total victims of getting butterflies in our stomachs the night before we jet-set for our annual holiday. But there’s a downside. The stress of travelling! Holidays are constructed for the precise purpose to unwind—so when stress becomes part of the process, you know you have yourself a problem. Follow these simple rules and you’ve got yourself a fuss-free, relaxing vacay that will leave you yearning for more.
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Hassle-free money
The first step to a fuss-free holiday is hassle-free money. Traveller’s cheques are so 1999. You don’t want to waste half your travel-time hounding down banks to exchange your currency. What’s more, you can only exchange limited currency at a time. Instead, opt for a global debit card. Not only will your holiday be light and easy, since you won’t be lugging around wads of cash, but debit cards are also now acceptable everywhere be it in cabs, the shopping mall or restaurants and for that little easy cash that you need every now and then—there’s always an ATM. Trust us, this little travel trick is going to keep you feeling a whole lot lighter.

That extra shopping bag 
Carry foldable carry-on luggage with you. You never know when your holiday shopping turns into a full-on shopping spree, and it’s always helpful to have the bandwidth to carry it in! You can store it in your main suitcase until you need it so that it’s not a hassle to lug around.

Hire social media 
Post updates on  Facebook that contain info on where you’re travelling to and your  work will be done for you!  From first-hand recommendations from people you trust to reunions with your long-lost kindergarten buddies, letting people know your travel plans, is not bragging—it’s informed travelling!

With these three hassle-free hand-me-downs we hope you have a fantastic getaway!

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