How To Pick The Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Written by Nazneen JoshiDec 08, 2014
We might be slightly jumping the gun with this one but if you want the payoff to be worth it, you better start planning pronto. After all, the time to reflect, unwind, relax and truly celebrate your marriage is what really needs the planning. We’re here to help you find your romantic personality as a couple, and accordingly pick a honeymoon destination. So ladies, whip out your diaries and start taking some life-saving notes.

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The Adventure Couple

If you’re more likely to find hiking boots in your suitcase rather than sunscreen and bathing suits—you’re looking for a bit of adventure and The Philippines is exactly the sort of place you need to be looking at. A big water-sports hot-spot, The Philippines is a place you definitely want to be exploring. From diving amongst the coral reefs of the Pamalican Island to surfing in Sirgao and Baler, The Philippines has got it all.

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The Gastronomical Couple

If the love for food is what got you two together—you can’t not plan a vacay revolving around some of the sweetest delights—and Buenos Aires is just where you need to start your journey. Legendary steaks and wine, communal tables, seven-course meals, grilled beef hearts, duck breasts, Basque sausages, ceviche in mango and coconut, the list is endless. Give your honeymoon not just the flavour of finger-licking delicacies but an experience of food that you’ll never forget.

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The Fashion-Intent Couple

Milan, Dubai, New York London or Delhi—all of these places are far too passé for you to spend your honeymoon—but they are home to your hobby, passion, and favourite form of art: fashion. So why pick the newest contender on the market for global style: Seoul! Fun, quirky and festive—South Korea is booming with fashion trends that truly inspire. The trendy shopping district of Myeongdong is a fashion-aficionado’s bucket list spot. Take your fashion-forward love to this stylish city and get truly inspired.

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For the Couple who Walk on the Wild Side

Spotting a majestic White Bengal Tiger, the sheer fierceness of a bison or a black rhino—are these things that excite you and your main-man no end? Then a wildlife honeymoon is what’s on the cards. And recently, we found that Zimbabwe, although not a conventional option, is one that delivers. One of the finest rangers—Singita Pamushana is the country’s most opulent lodge and one of Africa’s best kept secrets. Chic African décor, spectacular views, game rides to track down elephants, lions and rhinos—you really don’t get a better detination to celebrate a relationship. Plus, you can end your trip with a boat cruise, where you can sip on some bubbly while watching hippos in the distance.

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