The monsoons are one of my very favourite seasons but Mumbai can get quite taxing at times during the rains. Hence, I gathered up some friends and we decided to head to a quintessential monsoon getaway. And since we were opting for something different, we thought we’d give the hills in the North a try this time around.

monsoon getaways kasauli hills beautiful english house 430x550

We got lucky. We have friends who have the most beautiful English houses in a quaint little English styled village, around a half an hour driving distance from the famed Kasauli hills. So it was off to Chandigarh and a short hour and a half later, we were sipping hot tea and biscuits and taking in the breathtaking view of the Shimla hills.

monsoon getaways verandah grill 430x550

At times it was literally like sitting in the clouds. The verandahs were engulfed in them. Occasionally, the views were so obscured, it was like the moors of Baskerville. You could not see beyond your verandah grill.

monsoon getaways beautiful kasauli hills 430x550

Some more friends joined on account of Eid. And from then on, it was one big party.

monsoon getaways beautiful kasauli hills clouds 430x550

So what do you when you are sitting in the clouds? Board games, tv series, books and of course….enjoy the delectable food, which for some reason tastes volumes better. And when the weather clears up a bit, take a walk in the clouds.

monsoon getaways beautiful kasauli hills monkeys 430x550

Little tip – take a walking stick and be on the lookout for monkeys.


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