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Written by Masoom MinawalaJun 09, 2014
I travelled to Boston in the first week of April 2014 and these pictures will take you'll through my travel diary. I had a blast, as you can imagine, right from eating the best food to playing with squirrels in Boston Commons to grabbing the best deals at tucked-away malls! From Boston, I went onto New York City for four days - I'm going to be sharing photos from there next week. Well, if only I could be on holiday all year round.

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As for my outfit details in the above pictures - all details are present on my Instagram account (@MissStyleFiesta) so see ya there:)

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Just a super quick roundup (on special request) on what to do in Boston - Eat the best Japanese food at Oishii; delicious brunch at Paramount Cafe; Goat cheese sandwich at Cafe Mangal; Spinach & Artichoke dip at Cafeteria; Bubble Tea at Boston Tea Stop; Shroomburger at Shake Shack (Dont miss this!); Mexican at Chipotle ofcourse; Fondue at Melting Pot.

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Shop at Natick Mall to get all of your retail therapy under one roof, Newbury street for shopping in the best atmosphere + luxury stores, Arsenal Mall in Watertown for the best Forever21 collection & The Mall at Chestnut Hill for empty stores (aka shopping in peace) & the best Michael Kors collection.

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Also - I've decided to do a post on my favorite shopping stores in the United States of America, again on special request from my lovely readers, so stay tuned for that :)

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