The wanderlust bug has bitten each and every one of us here at the BeBEAUTIFUL office, and if you’re anything like us (we’ve got a sneaking suspicion that you are), you too save up for a truly great adventure. The last thing you want is to fall into a tourist trap. We show you how to travel like a pro.
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Stay away from tourist spots
The mystique and thrill you get from travelling is not about visiting those done-to-death spots that you’ve seen on every post-card, television show and insta-feed. Instead, if you’ve really been stung by the travel bug you’ll thrive off finding those hidden treasures and local favourites.

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Don’t eat at chain restaurants
The first thing you should scout out in a new place is the local eats. Find out the best independently-owned restaurants instead of wasting your money on the bigger chains. There are plenty of apps available where you can find this information (Local Eats is a great one to start off with.) We’d even suggest you put it up as your Facebook status message. You’d be surprised by all the places your friends have visited, and what better than first-hand suggestions from people you know and trust.

Before you make your way to your vacay, do your research. Google the said destination to find out what’s good, what’s cheap and what’s available. So, when you get there, you’re in the know—at least a little bit.
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Chat up the locals
Most importantly, chat up the locals and find out what their favourite spots are. The friendly ones will invite you to their sun-down plans so you can truly get the local experience, and more likely than not you will not regret it. Bon Voyage.