Taking A Long-Haul Flight? Keep These Pointers In Mind

Written by Team BBSep 08, 2016
As much as we love travelling and exploring new destinations, the process of taking flights can be rather exhausting. From jet lag to damaged skin, frequent flyers have to face it all. Want to know how you can save yourself from these travel ordeals? We tell you how.

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Wear comfortable shoes

Remember that comfort is the key while travelling. Wearing uncomfortable shoes will make your feet swell up. So opt for footwear that will help your feet breathe as well as shoes that you can remove easily. We suggest you go for espadrilles, which are stylish and made of comfy cotton fabric.

travelling tips for frequent flyers walking 430x550

Stay hydrated

The air in the flight is extremely dry and has very little moisture. So it’s extremely important to stay hydrated throughout the flight. And if it happens to be a long one, it becomes all the more imperative. The only solution to this is drinking plenty of water. We suggest you drink at least a litre of water before entering the flight. This will keep you hydrated and also prevent breakouts.

travelling tips for frequent flyers walking 430x550

Take a walk

The legs can get jammed, especially in flights that last over 10 hours. This problem reduces the blood circulation. So make sure you walk up and down the aisles a few times. This helps the blood flow, especially around the calves.

travelling tips for frequent flyers walking 430x550

Use an eye mask

Even the most experienced travelers suffer from jet lag. To save yourself from this, put on an eye mask to block out the light. Darkness is important to change the body clock. While you have your eye mask on, listen to music that relaxes you.

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