The Best Hotels In India For Honeymooners

Written by Nazneen JoshiJan 27, 2015
Finding the perfect destination for your honeymoon is no mean task. You can’t quite do away with hitting the clichéd spots because you want your honeymoon hotel to be as unique as possible—which means you need personalised touches that allow you to customise your holiday to best suit you. After all, a little one-on-one pampering is the least you deserve, after the ordeal [read: big fat Indian wedding], are we right? Here are some of our local picks that will deliver international standard luxury. Go ahead, spoil yourself.

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Primrose Villas

Enjoy the stunning view of the mountains from the lavishness of your bed—literally the only two things you need on your honeymoon. Add in some fine dining, sublime vistas and luxurious privacy and you’ve got yourself a deal.

India’s coffee country, Chikmagalur—a three-and-a-half hour drive from Bangalore is a haven of peace. Expect a peaceful environment and a romantic setting—perfect to do nothing.

Marriage is getting to have a sleep-over with your best friend, every single night of the week—so why not start here?

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Samode Hotels

Historical, reflective, luxurious, rejuvenating, artistic, romantic – journeys that are unexpectedly much more than what you set out to discover are the journeys that make for a perfect honeymoon. Samode welcomes you into a legacy of quiet magnificence, an elegant and regal way of life, into the warmth of a family and people renowned for their refined hospitality.

As history weaves itself around you, a community comes alive; a vivid natural and aesthetic beauty silently greets you at every turn, while you continue to be pampered in a delightful mix of old-world courtesies, sophisticated style and international facilities.

At the Samode Safari Lodge, Bandhavgarh, India you’ll  be inspired by the colourful vernacular architecture of the region, the décor and the distinctly Indian setting all while experiencing the Indian jungle—one of the few places in the world where you can still see wild tigers.

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The Grand Dragon, Ladakh

A honeymoon in Ladakh, no matter where you choose to lodge will be an enriching experience where you’ll have the opportunity to observe and absorb a whole new culture. And what’s better than doing that without giving up on all the comforts that are only all too essential during a honeymoon? At The Grand Dragon, Ladakh, you’ve got a 24 hour coffee shop; a multi-cuisine restaurant with a separate vegetarian kitchen, a shopping arcade, a relaxing garden, a health club and spa, the list really is endless…

And if you need any more reasons, know this: love is better on the mountains.

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