The Last-Minute Essentials List For Your Honeymoon

Written by Nazneen JoshiDec 19, 2017
After all the stress of wedding planning and getting yourself to the mandap in fine form is finally behind you, now is the time for you to actually celebrate. By definition, honeymoons are meant to be hassle-free, stress-free and worry-free—and the numero uno way in which you can ensure that is smart packing. So, once you’ve touched down on to said destination, you can kick back with the right tunes, a cocktail and the man you picked to win your heart over for the rest of your life. BeBEAUTIFUL gives you a crisp list of last minutes essentials, so you won’t have to step out of your lover’s cove for the next seven cosy days.
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Romantic essentials
Bath salts, massage oils, scented lotion—this trip is all about getting your romance on—so don’t you forget these delicious must-haves !

That one knock-out dress
You’ve earned the right to look smoking hot after wrapping yourself in all nine yards. Show your man you know how to strut it and trust us, you’ll be the one feeling good.

The certificate 
You just splurged on that dreamy, destination wedding, and while it’s totally within your right to pamper yourself—there’s no harm done in saving a buck. You’ll be surprised at the additional perks available to you if you just whip that marriage certificate out, be it a first-class upgrade or a complimentary bottle of bubbly by sundown!

Get  entertained  
Now he might be the love of your life, but don’t expect him to be the joy of the party, all day every day. Pack up some holiday entertainment to ensure you don’t drive each other crazy. A peppy playlist, a few books and some fun apps on your phone or iPAD mini is just the perfect amount of distraction you need to keep the fun alive!

And with that, you’re on your way to perfect matrimonial bliss.

Congratulations, again! XOXO

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