However pressed you may be for time it is imperative that you exercise regularly. It is important for an average individual to workout at least thrice a week and no amount of “I’ll get caught in traffic” and “I have an early morning meeting” should keep you from it. That’s why accommodating home workouts in your workout routines is a great idea. Some basic equipment around the house can help you sweat it out every morning and exercise at home itself. Here’s what you need…

chair push ups workout at home

What you need : A chair

Try: Chair push-Ups

Start by placing both your palms on the seat of the chair and walk back into a plank pose. Now bend your elbows and body towards the floor. Now push yourself up with your palms and repeat.

It works: Your core, chest, back, and arms

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balance lunge exercise at home

What you need : A low center table

You can try: Balance lunges

Stand with your back towards a low center table or a bench or even a stool. Now place your right back foot on the table and hop your left foot out towards the front. Now that you are standing in a wide stance, let your right knee touch the floor and do a lunge. Make sure your left knee is not past your left toe.

It works by: Stretching your limbs, thighs and back.

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kettlebell push press best home workout

What you need: A heavy water container with a handle

You can try: Kettlebell push press

Stand straight with your feet apart and the water container in your left hand. Now push your hips back, bend you knees and get into squat pose placing your arms in the front at shoulder length while holding the container. In just a few seconds move out of the squat pose and stand straight to raise your left hand (with the container) overhead and reaching your right arm down by your side. Repeat this 20 times without a break and within a few weeks of doing this, you’ll realise this was the best home workout you were missing out on.

It works by: Strengthening your core and lower body. Also works on your arms, shoulders and calves.