5 Summer Holiday Destinations For Every Kind Of Traveler

Written by Khubi Amin AhmedOct 04, 2018
5 summer holiday destinations for every kind of traveler
“The summer wind, came blowing in from across the sea, it lingered there, touch your hair and walk with me…” may be the lyrics of a Michael Bublé song but is also pretty much all we want for our summer vacations! Well we scout out the apt most summer holiday destinations to suit your taste. Here are some…

Athens, Greece for the history lovers


That Athens is a coastal city is only one of the reasons why it is an apt summer holiday! Athens is also one of the world’s oldest cities, which doubles up its historic value two folds.

For the history lovers

So those of you that have a nag for history, Athens is the prime location for Greek mythology. Every page in the book of Athens has a story connected to Greek history; especially theatre, music and opera scene, plus the Acropolis of Athens, the Parthenon, the Old Olympic Stadium.


Andamans, India


If you think the sea is calling, give Goa a miss and head to the Andamans instead.

For the beach bums

Apart from the inviting beach you can take a scuba diving session or even do a crash course, visit to Port Blair and the Cellular Jail aka Black waters, too many white sand beaches and some great bars; basically, the stuff that great summer holidays are made of.




If you want to splurge and are willing to fly across the world, you’ll be surprised to know that Miami has more than just beaches. Not only is it one of America’s most sophisticated cities, but it also has a thriving art scene and fantastic food.

For the art lovers (and night owls)

Wynwood Arts District is Miami’s hipster haven and is home to some grand graffiti murals, art galleries and trendy cafes. Murals by acclaimed street artists like Futura and Swoon are open for all. Plus there is the Miami Design district which also hosts art walks.




Believe us when we say that summer is the ideal time to visit the city. Adorned in grey skies, festivals lined up and events to look forward to; including the Open Garden Days, the city is a summer staple.

For the urban scape seekers

Summer is the time when tourists can peek into the private gardens behind the beautiful architecture that runs parallel to the famous canals. So go ahead and take off on a true blue urban adventure of Amsterdam with its bridges and waterways and hop onto those bikes and boats.




Australia is a vast country with diverse landscapes which makes your Australian holiday a complete package of coasts, wilderness and city scape. Melbourne, Tasmania and Victoria all of them put together make for one awesome summer adventure.

Australia for the adventurers and wanderers

Escape the heat and wander away into the Australian Alps. Head to Victoria’s countryside and tick some adventure activities off your bucket list. Go hiking through the summer wildflowers, explore the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, discover the ancient and modern history of the place or explore the Kosciuszko National Park. Experience all of that and more at your stay in the hearts of the Australian Alps and revel in countryside beauty.

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