7 Reasons Why You Need To Switch To Organic Produce

Written by Shweta Vepa VyasOct 25, 2018
7 reasons why you need to switch to organic produce
Whether it’s your favourite restaurant or your weekly trip to the supermarket, you’re likely to have heard the term ‘organic’ being thrown around with careless abandon. However, ‘organic’ is more than just a catchphrase—it’s a lifestyle and here are 7 reasons why it’s so good for you!

#1 It's high on nutrition

#7 It's better for the environment

Because organic produce is the result of sustainable agricultural practices, the soil is maintained at its optimum state. The crops receive their nutrients from pure, rich, chemical-free soil. The resulting produce is abundant in naturally-occurring vitamins, minerals and enzymes as opposed to commercially-produced crops.

#2 It tastes better

Healthy soil equals healthy plants. With the rich nutrients derived directly from the soil, bereft of any fertilizers, the produce is the healthiest you can get. And so, you can enjoy your veggies, with their inherent flavours intact, naturally!


#3 It’s fresher

#7 It's better for the environment

Apart from sustainable farming practices, one of the focus areas of organic food is local produce. By cutting down on the impact of transportation, your food is as fresh as can be. And hey, you're also doing your bit to support a sustainable, healthy community!

#4 It's chemical-free

Mass-produced crops use an alarming amount of pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers. Similarly, if it’s any non-organic packaged food product, there will more than a fair amount of preservatives and taste enhancers. Organic produce is bereft of these—all you get is healthy, natural, wholesome goodness!


#5 It’s free of unwanted drugs

#7 It's better for the environment

While commercially-produced crops are rife with fertilizers and pesticides, non-organic animal products are another story altogether. When you consume a non-organic animal product, be it dairy or meat, you’re also signing up for unwanted hormones and antibiotics. The dark truth of the dairy and meat industries are that the animals are pumped with these drugs which eventually pass on to you. So, while going vegan is the healthiest option, if you must opt for meat or dairy, go for the organic option.

#6 It keeps GMOs away

GMOs or 'genetically modified organisms’ are genetically engineered foods, produced for the sake of mass production. Of course, this requires an even larger amount of chemicals and pesticides. The modification of the genetic makeup of living organisms can have far reaching effects on our health as well as the environment. So, go organic and eat clean!


#7 It's better for the environment

#7 It's better for the environment

With organic produce, you can rest assured that the environment is safe from the harmful effects of all the chemicals used in commercial farming. This means cleaner air, soil and seas! By choosing organic local produce, you’re also promoting local farmers and contributing to the reduction of emissions caused by transportation. So, go on and dig into that bowlful of your favourite organic salad while reducing your carbon footprint!

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