You’d think that we’d all be used to it by now, right? But no – The bloating, breakouts, headaches, moodiness and fatigue that are some of the seriously unwanted side-effects that tag along with this monthly visitor, can frustrate even the calmest of souls. And while, it’s only all too natural for you to assume that the entire world and its allies are against you—we’ve rounded off 6 friends that are by your side and the best part is that they’re all edible. So get your heating pads, favourite rom-com and oil-burners ready and read on.

beating pms with these 5 foods dahi 430x550

Maybe if period pains burned calories it’d be worth it. For now we’ll have to make do with dahi

Women who experience PMS symptoms frequently run low on calcium, which you’ll find a lot of in yogurt. Studies have found that women who consume foods rich in calcium during their periods run a lower risk of PMS symptoms. In addition, yogurt contains Vitamin D, which helps decrease pain levels.

beating pms with these 5 foods seeds beans 430x550

Long romantic walks to the fridge is what we enjoy most during our time of the month. But what if we told you, rajgira is what will actually make you feel better…

Rajgira or Amarnath is a gluten-free grain packed with magnesium. Magnesium is known to boost your mood and reduce water-retention—two things we could definitely do with during these days. Think hot rajgira rotis dipped in fresh home-made yogurt. Other magnesium rich foods include: leafy greens like spinach, nuts and seeds, beans, lentils and potatoes.

beating pms with these 5 foods chickpeas 430x550

Robin Williams once said, “If women ran the world we wouldn’t have wars, just intense negotiations every 28 days.” True as that might be, with chickpeas, you can make those negotiations a tad less intense. Here’s why:

Chickpeas or channa will add magnesium, Vitamin B6 and manganese to your diet. As mentioned earlier, magnesium helps with bloating and water-retention and both, Vitamin B6 as well as manganese help with the emotional aspects of PMS: moodiness and irritability.

beating pms with these 5 foods chamomile tea 430x550

If curling up on the couch and refusing to deal with the world is a sentiment you can identify with, you need some chamomile tea.

When stress hits you, and we all know the exact days during the month when it does, there is nothing more soothing than a cup of hot tea. Chamomile tea may be exactly what you need during that time as it is known for alleviating menstrual cramps by relaxing muscle tension.

beating pms with these 5 foods steamed cod 430x550

Keep blazing and stay amazing with a little bit of seafood (read: fish) during this terrible time of the month

White fish are a terrific source of Vitamin D and your body can’t properly absorb calcium without Vitamin D. If you experience severe PMS symptoms, it is critical that your body has both these nutrients—so whether you like it grilled, smoked or baked, load up on some fishy delights.

beating pms with these 5 foods basmati brown rice 430x550

Going around the kitchen like pacman when you’re on your period? Go get some brown rice!

Brown rice is packed with nutrients that will make you feel less depressed, irritable and moody around the time of your period. Complex carbohydrates like brown rice, quinoa, oatmeal and beans are particularly helpful for relieving PMS symptoms.