Give Your Mind & Soul A Cleanse In 2016

Written by Dayle PereiraFeb 03, 2016
Give your mind & soul a cleanse in 2016
As we embark on 2016, we’ve got a list of new year resolutions that we’re hopeful of adhering to and great plans in store. But before starting on the material adventures, how about we take a step back for something that matters more than any of this. The stress of modern life takes a toll on more than just the body, but the mind and soul as well. We’ve all experienced stress, pressure and anxiety in some form or the other and how it can affect our lives. This year, we’re vowing to wipe the slate, our minds and our soul clean as a whistle with a few how-tos.



The best way for your body to channelise its energy is by sweating it out. There’s no rule of thumb when exercise is concerned as you should pick a workout that best suits you. Whether you like to take a long run in the park, to join a gym, to partake in a zumba class or try yoga in the park, burning some calories, this is a fitness tip that tones your body physically, boosts your adrenaline gives your mind a little more clarity.


Get a hobby


There’s no doubt that at today’s busy pace, there’s hardly any time left at the end of the day. But it’s essential to make time, however little it is, for doing something you love. Be it a bout of cooking after a long day, stamp collecting in the morning or salsa dancing on the weekend; give yourself a pocket of time dedicated only for your hobby. Once you do, you’ll find your head clearer and your soul enriched.




While we’ve heard it time and time again, we emphasize on the importance of water because of how miraculous. Since the human body is primarily made of water, replenishing your stock of the fluid by drinking it copiously only does good. In addition to cleansing your body and soul, an improvement in your skin, hair and health will follow which is great for your skincare routine.


Allow your body to tap into your inner consciousness through meditation. It doesn’t require chanting or contorting, all you need to gain the maximum out of meditation is to find inner peace and calm. You could find a shady spot in your balcony or on a mat in your living room, you could take 10 minutes of your day for it or an hour. Once you tap into your sanctum of peace, you’ll discover clarity in your mind and soul like never before.


Cutting the crap


It is rightly said, you are what you eat. With that in mind, build a nutritious food plan that you would like to reflect on your face, mind and body. Cut unnecessary processed foods, white sugar laden delicacies and sugary drinks from your diet while indulging in them only on cheat days preventing binge eating. This dieting tip makes a world of a difference to the way your body feels and without unhealthy food, you will find a difference in the way you eat, you digest it and how you feel.




Start the year by turning over leaf with a new resolution of journaling. Start a diary by writing an entry on a regular basis, with all the details of what your day comprised, where you went and what you did. Over time, when you go back and read through your entries, you can analyze your previous states of mind, your decisions you made and your reasons behind them. This will help you gain clarity of what affects you and what doesn’t.

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