We’ve heard the word detox time and again whether it be for food or of the digital nature. So why not for our emotional wellbeing too? In recent times, mental and emotional health has been taking precedence over everything else with A-list celebrities like Deepika Padukone speaking out about depression and Mental Health Week gaining traction. We’re enthusiastic about these positive changes since the mind is the most powerful part of the body and it deserves only the very best of care.

what is emotional detox

Another positive change under this fold is that of an emotional detox. Think of it as cleansing your cupboard or clearing your cache. It gives you a fresh outlook by cutting out the unnecessary has beens that are taking up your mindspace. Besides just your mind, it is also your body and soul that benefits from it as well. So just what do you gain from embarking on a detox of emotions? Here’s the answer.

More energetic and driven

Everyone has experienced the feeling of barely being able to keep their eyes open even when it’s mid-morning, which is infuriating. You are sluggish, tired and barely able to get through the day. Post an emotional detox, this will change. Your spirit and mind will be lighter and rejuvenated, leading to an increase in energy and a renewed drive. Your boost of vitality will make you feel like you can seize the day by the horns and accomplish everything you have planned. You will be soon be able to do it; exercise, work, take your pet for a walk and still catch movie and dinner with plenty of energy to spare.


Healthier lifestyle

Healthier lifestyle

If you’ve relied on a steady diet of burgers, milkshakes and fries to get you through the day, an emotional detox will change that. It will allow your to come to the conclusion that your body is a temple and it needs to be treated like one. Soon enough, you will build a framework for a better lifestyle by adding superfoods, fibre and a regular workout to your diet while cutting out what is unnecessary. You will also take the effort to indulge in a physical activity whether it be dance or swimming, to keep your body in tune with your mind.

Heightened confidence

Anxiety, stress and pressure often leads to self-doubt about what we can accomplish. An emotional detox will banish those feelings and instead, you will find yourself more confident. You will soon feel secure about your abilities and be comfortable in your own skin. With no room for any self-doubt, you will find more space for yourself to grow and embrace your uniqueness.


Better immunity and digestion

Better immunity and digestion

If you previously found yourself with a constant case of the sniffles, your emotional detox will change that. Your immunity will be heightened and you will find yourself more resistant every time your colleague gets the flu. This is turn will allow you to live and work more productively. The emotional detox will also have a positive influence on your digestion. No more gripes and aches anymore because your food will be digested well and your stomach cleansed.

Mental Clarity

When your mind focuses, your whole body is in tandem with it. The most integral part of an emotional detox is how it will cleanse your mind. It will wipe away the negative feelings of resentment, bitterness and jealousy which have been holding you back. This will be replaced with focus to move in the right direction and clarity to help make your vision a reality.

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